Zabezpieczenie mikrośladów


Evidence Collection Vacuum Kit (zabezpieczanie mikrośladów)



This is a complete kit for microparticle evidence collection. The kit includes a vacuum, a microparticle filter attachment, microfilters, vacuum extension tubes, crevice and floor tubes and a vacuum hose. Also included are vials and bags for evidence collection as well as identification tape. From the crime scene to the laboratory—in one carrying case.


Cat. no 618E1, Evidence Vacuum Sweeper Kit, 110V AC

Cat. no 618E1220, Evidence Vacuum Sweeper Kit, 220V AC



This is a vacuum unit dedicated to one function—collecting trace evidence at the crime scene. Venturi-controlled suction for surface vacuuming and hermetically sealed, single use filter assembly eliminate cross contamination from individual crime scenes. The entire sealed filter assembly in its evidence bag is submitted to the crime laboratory for examination. The 619E is equipped with a manually controlled venturi to restrict suction to top surface vacuuming only when required.


Cat. no 619E, Evidence Vacuum w/Power Cord & 7’ Extension Hose, 110V AC

Cat. no 619E220, Evidence Vacuum w/Power Cord & 7’ Extension Hose, 220V AC


Trace Ev idence Collection Filt er Ass emblies

These hermetically-sealed filter assemblies are designed to be used with the No. 619E. The 619E1 is supplied with a Crevice Tool Attachment and an Upholstery Tool Attachment comes with 619E2. Single-use filters have 0.1mm particle retention.


Cat. no 619E1, Trace Evidence Collection Filter Assembly w/Crevice Tool Attachment

Cat. no 619E2, Trace Evidence Collection Filter Assembly w/Upholstery Tool Attachment



This vacuum sweeper kit comes complete with everything you need to collect trace evidence AT the crime scene plus a handy carrying/storage case.


Cat. no 619EK, Micro Evidence Collection Kit, 110V AC

Cat. no 619EK220, Micro Evidence Collection Kit, 220V AC



This portable evidence vacuum sweeper is used for micro-particle evidence collection. The compact, lightweight unit is equipped with rechargeable batteries—permitting use in the most remote or difficult-to-reach crime scenes. Hermetically-sealed filter assembly ensures against contamination.


Cat. no 620REK, Rechargeable Evidence Vacuum Kit, 110V AC

Cat. no 620REK220, Rechargeable Evidence Vacuum Kit, 220V AC

Cat. no 619E1, Filter Assembly, Hermetically-Sealed



This popular kit is designer to accommodate the Fuldy portable, rechargeable evidence vacuum sweeper.

The most often required to ols and materials to process a crime scene for physical evidence are included in this general purpose, professional crime scene investigation kit.


Cat. no 627E100, Evidence Collection ID and Sealing Kit, 110V AC

Cat. no 627E100220, Evidence Collection ID and Sealing Kit, 220V AC


Akcesoria do zabezpieczania mikrośladów


Cat. no 617E, Evidence Vacuum Sweeper Filter Attachment

Cat. no PEM01, Polyester Monofilament Microfilters, 100 each

Cat. no 719E1, Evidence Vacuum Adapter

Cat. no 719RE10, Evidence Vacuum Adapter Replacement Filters, 10 each



Hair and fiber evidence are often the only link between a crime and its perpetrator—and they’re all too often overlooked. Repulpable evidence tape from SIRCHIE® offers a solution. Apply the tape to those areas of suspicion, remove and immerse in water Or methanol (check with the crime lab—often, it requests the tape itself). The hair or fiber evidence separates from the adhesive backer and is then recovered after filtering. The tape is 3” (76 mm) wide x 180’ (54.9 m) long.


Cat. no RET001, Repulpable Evidence Tape



Obtaining evidence at a crime scene is difficult, especially securing microscopic particles. The use of evidence collection lifters helps to solve this problem. This unique lifting device may be used throughout the scene to collect evidence such as dust and dirt particles, fibers, hairs and stains. Simply remove the backing material and press the lifter against the area under scrutiny, lift, then apply to an opaque vinyl cover.


Cat. no ECL100, Evidence Collection Lifters w/Backers, 12 each