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TRANSFARM is Polish company operating on the Polish market uninterruptedly since January 1990. TRANSFARM’s operations consist of providing forensic materials, equipment and device supplies to specialised State services protecting internal order and security. TRANSFARM supplies crime scene and forensic lab materials, equipment and devices to the Police Headquarters in Warsaw, Regional Police Headquarters, the Polish Border Guard, Military Police and other uniformed services in Poland and abroad. The Company also cooperates with universities, specialist training establishments other stakeholders interested in the TRANSFARM offer. The supplies address the needs of biology, biochemistry, chemical, fingerprinting, mechanoscopy and other laboratories, offering a wide range of products (incl. powders and lifting tapes, instruments, inspection kits, forensic light sources, photography supplies and equipment, alcohol and drugs tests and many others). The specially trained team at TRANSFARM also provides trainings in issues relating to our activity at conferences, seminars, symposia and other forms of exchange of knowledge and experience.

We offer our Clients:

THE HIGHEST QUALITY OFFERED PRODUCTS of renowned US and European companies. The quality of the offered products has been confirmed over many years of use in forensic technique structures around the world.

RELIABILITY OF SUPPLIES are always 100% compliant with the submitted orders and unfailingly meet the high expectations of our Customers. We only stock the highest quality products, materials and devices and all our orders are delivered on time according to concluded contracts.

PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL CONSULTING SERVICES in the selection of the most optimal products for the specific task and customer requirement are provided by the highly specialised TRANSFARM team with many years of experience in the use of forensic technique products.

CUSTOMER SERVICES are provided by a professional team of highly trained TRANSFARM staff. The TRANSFARM team has the support of experienced police specialists in the scope of crime scene investigations and many other experts in the field.

ONGOING QUALITY CONTROL OF OFFERED PRODUCTS through the performance of regular customer satisfaction surveys with the provided products. The survey findings are used to ensure that the only the best products are included in our offer, withdrawing sub-standard products if necessary, providing an efficient tool to suitably profile our trading policies.

ONGOING ACCESS TO THE LATEST NEWS AND ADVANCES IN THE FORENSIC FIELD FOR CLIENTS thanks to our Team following all the latest developments and advances in the field around the globe. All products are thoroughly tested by TRANSFARM experts and our professional forensic partners prior to being made available and recommended to our Clients.


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