Zabezpieczenie miejsc zdarzeń


Crime Scene Security Products (akcesoria do zabezpieczenia miejsca zdarzenia)


Dispensery taśm do zabezpieczania miejsca zdarzenia


Cat. no BTD100, Barrier Tape Dispenser

Cat. no BTD200, Compact Barrier Tape Dispenser


BARRIER POSTS (słupki do montażu taśm zabezpieczających miejsce zdarzenia)

Control at crime scenes and other emergency situations is essential. However, not every location has fixed objects for securing barrier tape. Barrier Posts solve the problem. They are 4 ft. tall with a 9” stake. Simply push the stake into the ground using the foot stand. Each post has various supports for adjusting the height of the barrier tape.


Cat. no BP5, Barrier Posts, 5 each


Scene Guard Photography Barrier

Preserving and protecting an outdoor crime scene is one of the first duties of investigators. Part of that responsibility is preventing the public from viewing what may be a shocking scene. Scene Guard is a portable, rapidly assembler privacy screen that effectively shields the scene from public view and Allowi medical personnel and investigators to operate more securely. Only one person is required to erect Scene Guard and no tools are required. Simply connect the pieces of the heavy duty PVC structure and slip the weather resistant, highly durable nylon cover into place. The sturdy, windresistant assembly can be used outdoors or indoors, including any public areas where privacy and security are required.


Cat. no FCCSGD01, Scene Guard Photography Barrier


Crime Scene Stepping Pads (metalowe podkłady do wyznaczania drogi dojścia)

Avoid disturbing and/or destroying physical evidence while processing the crime scene with Crime Scene Stepping Pads. The No. CSSP100K Kit includes 10 heavy-gauge (0.090” thick) aluminum alloy stepping pads stacked in a heavy-duty, molded carrying case for instant use. They are ideal for deployment on any flat floor surface whether it's wood, carpet, ceramic Or vinyl tile. An extremely small footprint of 2.5 sq. in. per pad is made with the six points that the stepping pads touch the floor. The CSSP100K Crime Scene Stepping Pads boast two important safety features. First are the non-slip friction pads installed on the feet to assure steadfast placement and prezent surface damage. Secondly, each pad is machine-stamped with 131 traction protrusions to facilitate a non-slip surface which is especially beneficial if you’re wearing Tyvek® shoe covers.


Cat. no CSSP100K, Crime Scene Stepping Pads, Set of 10


Transparent Plastic Stepping Plates (plastikowe podkłady do wyznaczania drogi dojścia)

With significant advances, it is now possible to detect evidence which is not only extremely delicate, but also invisible to the naked eye. Inorder to preserver this invisible evidence, it is now standard to use Stepping Plates at all major scenes in order to create a pathway through a scene. This ensures a methodical, clinical approach to the preservation and gathering of trace evidence. Plates should always be used in conjunction with our Rubber Pad Kits (small rubber pads chich are applied to the feet of each Stepping Plate which must then be removed at the end of the investigation, bagged and tagged for any evidence or disposed of as clinical waste). Non-slip overshoes are also recommended.


Cat. no CSTEP100, Standard Transparent Plastic Stepping Plate Kit

Cat. no CSTPADL, Roll of Large Rubber Pads (for Standard Plates), 150 each

Cat. no CSTAIR100, Stair Transparent Plastic Stepping Plate Kit

Cat. no CSTPADS, Roll of Small Rubber Pads, (for Stair Plates), 150 each