Zabezpieczenie fauny ze zwłok


This is an excellent kit for crime scene search officers. Contents permit preliminary search with longwave ultraviolet light for locating evidence such as fibers and stains. The kit includes all the necessary gear for collecting, marking and preserving all types of physical evidence. Instructions and procedures booklet included.


Cat. no MEC100, Evidence Collection and Identification Kit


SEARCH 3-Drawer/Storage Evidence Collection Kit

This kit is perfect for the crime scene. The top unlatches and features a large open storage compartment. Underneath are three drawers where kit components are neatly stored. Drawers feature clear see-through tops with divided compartments so components can be easily seen without opening the drawers. It is a self contained kit that allows the investigator to complete many tasks—from securing the crime scene to handling, containing, marking and integrity sealing the evidence.


Cat. no RCK100A, SEARCH 3-Drawer/Storage Evidence Collection Kit


Evidence Packaging Kit

This kit offers an assortment of evidence bags, integrity tapes and sealing tape—all conveniently packaged in a molded copolymer case for easy access at the crime scene.


Cat. no EPK100, Evidence Packaging Kit



This kit offers a complete assortment of special, heavy-duty (4 mil) poly bags, labels, tags and bag seals. It is packaged in a molded copolymer case that puts evidence collection materials right where they’re needed—in the squaw car and at the crime scene.


Cat. no ECK1, Evidence Collection Kit



This kit is for preserving and identifying collected evidence at the scene of a crime. This kit includes a variety of evidence marking materials for identifying glass, metal, cloth and wood.


Cat. no ES1750, Evidence Sealing and Identification Kit



Zestaw do zabezpieczania środowiska biologicznego rozwijającego się w zwłokach


Forensic Entomology Kit

Forensic entomologists use recovered insects and larvae to identify if a discovered body has been moved from the original crime scene, estimate a time of death, and recover valuable information about the victim and the possible crime. Insects recovered from human remains can be a valuable tool for toxicological analysis and DNA of the victim. Over a short period, the fluids (blood and urine) and soft tissues of the body needed for formal analysis will disappear, however, the insects and larvae will still retain traces of the fluids and blood of the corpse. SIRCHIE®’s Forensic Entomology Kit provides all of the tools, chemicals, and containers needed to collect this valuable form of physical evidence.


Cat. no ENT1000, Forensic Entomology Kit


Maritime Evidence Collection Kit

The international community (both governments and industry) have recognized the need to pursue a response criminal activity on the high seas. Due to recent increases In piracy and other maritime crime, SIRCHIE has developed the Maritime Evidence Collection Kit to facilitate the proper capture of evidence for use in the international court system. Developed to be portable, to withstand the environment and allow the investigator to address a board range of scenarios in a maritime crime scene, the MTEC100 was designed by SIRCHIE with direct input from professionals to ensure proper evidence processing.


Cat. no MTEC100, Maritime Evidence Collection Kit