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Digital Meas urement Kit

The new DIGMK300 Digital Measurement Kit is a versatile tool kit designed to assist the investigator at the crime scene with photography, laser trajectory, Blood spatter, and other relevant field work. The three measuring devices and accessories make crime scene investigations easier, quicker, and more accurate.


Cat. no DIGMK300, Digital Measurement Kit

Cat. no DMLASER, Laser Projector


Digital Angle Finder

Use DMANGLE Digital Angle Finder instead of a protractor for angle measurements accurate to \±0.2°. This provides ease of use and accuracy for the investigator in the field.


Cat. no DMANGLE, Digital Angle Finder


Laser Trajectory Finder Kit

Using a powerful, yet compact Class IIIa laser, this Laser Trajectory Finder Kit allows the investigator to visualize a bullet’s trajectory. The Ballistic Laser Pointer may be attached to a Penetration Rod inserted into a bullet hole, Or it may be mounted on a tripod and directed into the bullet hole along the bullet’s actual path. The LTF101 Ballistic Angle Finder is used to determine the angle of trajectory. It can be hand held or mounted on a tripod using the heavy gauge steel Universal Tripod Mount via its built-in magnetic base. The kit includes Centering Cones for use on either the Penetration or Multi- Colored Photographic Rods to permit a secure fit when rods are inserted into various sized entry and exit bullet holes. A reusable roll of Colored Trajectory String is included when longer distances are involved.


Cat. no LTF100, Laser Trajectory Kit

Cat. no LTF100S, Optional Photo Laser Smoke (aersol can), 8 oz. 236ml)

Cat. no BM6009, Optional Heavy-Duty Tripod

Cat. no LTF112RS, Optional 22 Caliber Rod Set, 4 each

Cat. no LTF113, Optional Reflective Yarn, 275ft. (84m)

Cat. no LTF102, Extra Laser Pointer w/locking collar

Cat. no FRK16, Optional Forensic Rod Kit