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Anti-Putrefa ction Masks FOR WET OR DRY FLOATERS

These low maintenance, reusable masks weigh less than 1/2 lb. and are made to fit any head size. Filtration is supplied by a chemically treated filter that Has been NIOSH/MSHA approved for organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, chlorine dioxide and sulfur dioxide.The easy-to-use sliding suspension system makes them comfortable to wear. All masks are NIOSH/MSHA approved. Only one mask per person is recommended to eliminate the diseases spread by sharing face pieces.


Cat. no PU001B, Anti-Putrefaction Single Mask Kit

Cat. no PU003B, Anti-Putrefaction Double Mask Kit

Cat. no PU0011, Replacement Filters, 1 pair



This respirator provides breathing protection against dust, mists and fumes that are common in many forensic applications. When fitted with a P100 (highefficiency) filter, this mask offers exceptional protection against particulate and airborne pathogens (e.g. TB and most bacteria). The mask can also be fitted with an R95 (for dust and mist applications) filter. The mask is lightweight and reusable. Excellent for crime scene processing.


Cat. no SF0034H, Half Mask w/5 each P100 Filters

Cat. no SF0034D, Half Mask w/5 each R95 Filters

Cat. no SF0034HR, Replacement P100 Filters, 25 each

Cat. no SF0034DR, Replacement R95 Filters, 25 each



Designed for applications that do not require full face protection, this mask combines a latex-free silicone seal with a formed plastic shell outer body. The soft silicone conforms to the shape of every nose. The combination of soft silicone and hard plastic ensures a comfortable, leak-resistant fit to a typically hard-tofit area. The compact and lightweight unit is excellent for use at the crime scene where decaying matter and hazardous vapors may be present.


Cat. no PU0010, Multi-Purpose Half Mask (filters sold separately

Cat. no PU0011, Filter, Organic Vapor/Acid Gas, 1 pair

Cat. no PU0012, Filter, P100 (99.7% of airborne particles), 1 pair

Cat. no PU0013, Filter, Organic Vapor/P100 (99.7% of airborne particles), 1 pair


Maski osobiste


Cat. no SF0074, Disposable Anti-Odor Mask, each

Cat. no DRM001, Dust Respirator/Mask, 20 each

Cat. no DRMV100, Respirator with Comfort Valve, 10 each

Cat. no CSFP100, Chemical Splash Face Protector

Cat. no CSG1001, Chemical Splash Goggles


Vented Jumps uit

Our new Vented Jumpsuits protect crime scene personel and are resistant to snags, tears and punctures... with increased breathability from a spunbond polypropylene back panel. A newly fashioned pattern design and an elastic back waist offer improved fit and comfort. The front and sides are made of microporous film on a polypropylene substrate and pro vide barrier protection. A flap cover over the zipper protects against splashes. Stay cool while protecting yourself with these exceptional Vented Jumpsuits.


Cat. no SF0075M, Embossed Shoe Covers, Medium, 1 pair

Cat. no SF0075L, Embossed Shoe Covers, Large, 1 pair

Cat. no SF0075XL, Embossed Shoe Covers, X-Large, 1 pair

Cat. no SF0073, Disposable Shoe Covers, 1 pair

Cat. no TYV200, High-Top Boots, Medium, 1 pair

Cat. no TYV201, High-Top Boots, Large, 1 pair