Poduszki i wałki daktyloskopijne


Poduszki i wałki „samotuszujące” PrintMatic i PORELON



It is well known that the leading cause of poor impressions is over-inking of the fingers. The PrintMatic™ Impeccable Ceramic Fingerprint Pad is an ink pad system which is able to compensate for poor technique and uncooperative subjects by not only controlling the amount of ink on the pad surface, but by eliminating the effects of overpressure. Through the use of a micro-pore ceramic, PrintMatic™ Impeccable Ceramic Fingerprint Pads draw ink to the surface by capillary action. EZID ink is a stainfree, highcontrast, instant-drying, permanent ink.


Cat. no EZID300, PrintMatic™ Ceramic Fingerprint Pad, 2 7/8” x 5 3/8” x 1”



The EZID100 and EZID200 have the same quality features as the full-sized ceramic pad, but are pocket-sized for maximum portability and convenience. Perfect for use in the field or office.


EZID200                           EZID100


Cat. no EZID100, PrintMatic™ Ceramic Fingerprint Pad, 1 5/8” (4.1cm) dia

Cat. no EZID200, PrintMatic™ Ceramic Fingerprint Pad, 2” (5.1cm) dia.


Pocket Ceramic Fingerprint Pad

The No. EZID701 has the same quality features as the full-sized ceramic pad, but is pocket-sized for portability and convenience. Measuring Just 4.5 cm x 5.5 cm, the No. EZID701 can be carried anywhere, but unlike other pocket-sized pads, it's large enough and uniquely-shaped to allow the taking of rolled as well as plain impressions. Perfect for use in the field or office.


Cat. no EZID701, Pocket Ceramic Fingerprint Pad, 1.77” x 2.16” (4.5cm x 5.5cm)



This revolutionary concept for recording fingerprints features a specialty designed microporous membrane that employs a pore size of 7 to 10 microns, affording a higher degree of detail in the fingerprint impression. It produces thousands of rolled and plain impressions. The benefits to the fingerprint technician become obvious when using the Flawless system. The ink pad provides, through capillary action, just the right amount of ink on its surface—not too much and not too little. Less pressure is needed when fingers are rolled cross the pad’s surface so less distortion is transmitted to the resulting impressions. PrintMatic™ Flawless ink pads are supplied in our unique multimount, injection molded, copolymer polypropylene case. These cases are equipped with a positive, snap-lock lid to protect the ink surface from air borne contaminants


The Flawless Pad features our latest stainless PrintMatic™ ink formula, chich means Simple cleanup after prints are taken. You’ll find the prints you Get to be sharp, well defined and Crispi with exceptionally high contrast.


Cat. no PFP700, PrintMatic™ Flawless Ink Pad

Cat. no PFP702, PrintMatic™ Flawless Replacement Pad



This pocket-sized pad, introduced by SIRCHIE® more than 20 years ago, is the accepted STAN DARD by law enforcement worldwide. Each pad May be used to record thousands of fingerprints. A two-year supply of ink is impregnated in each pad (based on 75°F with lid closed after use), and is excellent for use in the field or office. The thermal-impregnated fingerprint ink is non-fading and dries on-contact. Ink rises to the surface as required through capillary action of the microreticulated thermoplastic resin. Recorded fingerprints from this pad are accepted by state and federal agencies. The Porelon® pad utilizes the multimount injection molded case for versatility in mounting options.

To remove ink residue, see SIRCHIE’s ink removal products.


Cat. no FPT265, PORELON® Fingerprint Pad

Cat. no FPT268A, PORELON® Replacement Pad Orly


Porelon® Palm Print Pad

Featuring a 5” x 6 1/8” Porelon® ink pad in a hard plastic case, this unit is designed especially for taking palm prints. The thermal-impregnated fingerprint ink is non fading and dries oncontact. Ink rises to the surface as required through capillary action of the micro-reticulated thermoplastic resin. Use this pad with our AP110 or AP112 Palm Print Record Cards.


Cat. no FPT00002, PORELON® Palm Print Pad


Micro and Mini PORELON ® fingerprint pads

These pocket-sized pads give you the same reliable, detailed prints as our regular pads. Primarily for single fingerprint recording on checks, documents, traffic summons, etc.


PMP1002                          PMP100


Cat. no PMP100, Micro PORELON® Fingerprint Pad, 1 5/8” dia.

Cat. no PMP1002, Mini PORELON® Fingerprint Pad, 2” dia.



Pocket pads, Flawless™ ink for thousands of single impressions. To remove ink , rub fingers together or use a dry paper towel.


PFP602                                  PFP601


Cat. no PFP601, PrintMatic™ Flawless™ Ink Pad, 1 5/8” dia.

Cat. no PFP602, PrintMatic™ Flawless™ Ink Pad, 2” dia.



This is an ideal kit for the traffic officer. Single fingerprints may be taken at the scene with almost instantaneous cleanup. One micro fingerprint pad or the PrintMatic™ pad and 6 hermetically-sealed, disposable super ink cleaner towelettes are packaged in a convenient nylon pocket case.


Cat. no PMP200, CITAKE™ PORELON® Pocket Kit w/ PMP100 Pad

Cat. no PMP200T, CITAKE™ Flawless™ Pocket Kit w/PFP601 Pad


The PrintMatic™ Pre-Inked Roller

SIRCHIE®’s PrintMatic™ pre-inked roller successfully combines the advantages of the Porelon® pad and the ink slab and roller methods of fingerprint taking. Those advantages include the excellent clarity obtainable with a properly executed slab and roller print and the ease and Speer associated with the Porelon® pad method.

The slab and roller method has survived over the years primarily for two reasons:

First, the quality of the inked area on the slab can be seen and judged prior to inking and rolling the fingers. Second, when a proper layer of ink is applied, the rigid slab surface and thebthin layer of ink tend to prevent the over-inking of fingers. Despite the advantages, there are several disadvantages of the ink slab and roller method that cause many departments to avoid it. This method requires a relatively skilled technician to roll a thin and even layer of ink necessary to obtain exceptional fingerprint impressions. If the ink layer is too thick, spotty or uneven, it’s likely the technician will record poor prints. In fact, excess Ink is the leading cause of poor fingerprint impressions. Another disadvantage of this method is that it may be messy—ink may spatter and cleanup may be quite a task. However, the revolutionary SIRCHIE PrintMatic™ pre-inked Porelon® rollerbsuccessfully eliminates the disadvantages of the ink slab and roller metod while retaining the advantages. The PrintMatic™ automatically applies a thin and even layer of ink onto an ink slab, regardless of the operator’s sill in rolling out ink, because the PrintMatic™’s ink reservoir is in the roller! In addition, cleanup is much easier because there is not much ink left on the slab after fingerprints are rolled.


Cat. no PIP100, PrintMatic™ PORELON® Ink Roller

Cat. no PIP100R, PrintMatic™ PORELON® Replacement Roller



The PrintMatic™ Horizontal Roller is a handy, versatile version of our super PrintMatic™ pre-inked Porelon® fingerprint roller. The No. PIP100H is designer for horizontal (parallel) ink-rolling of the slab or directly on the hand. The unit’s high-impact, AB S-plastic tubular housing prevents environmental contamination when the roller is not in use. The PIP100H features a comfortable, easy-grip, plastic handle. The PrintMatic™ Horizontal Roller is an excellent choice for replacement of ink and roller assemblies used in field fingerprint taking kits.


Cat. no PIP100H, PrintMatic™ Horizontal Roller

Cat. no PIP100R, PrintMatic™ PORELON® Replacement Roller



Use either PIP100 or PIP100H PrintMatic™ roller with the AP300PIP to roll and record palm prints. The AP300PIP is a high-quality, bearing-mounted image transfer roller assembly which provides the proper surface for creating accurate palm print images.


Cat. no AP300PIP, AUTOPALM® Roller Assembly Orly



Akcesoria do daktyloskopowania (tusze i płyny daktyloskopijne, wałki gumowe, podkłady metalowe i szklane do tyszu daktyloskopijnego, płyny regenerujące linie papilarne, ramki do kart daktyloskopijnych)



Specially formulated for fingerprint work only, this densely-black ink is free-flowing, easily rolled and dries quickly on paper—but will remain soft and usable on a slab for days. This ink is not adversely affected by extreme temperature changes. It is used by large and small identification departments throughout the world.


230T                                 231T


Cat. no 230T, SEARCH Fingerprint Ink, 2 oz. tube (59ml)

Cat. no 231T, SEARCH Fingerprint Ink, 4 oz. tube (118ml)



SIRCHIE®’s standard, highquality fingerprint ink is available In a handy aerosol can. Simply spray it on the slab and roll it smooth like standard tube ink. It’s very efficient, easy to use, and doesn’t contain any fluorocarbons. Net weight: 4 oz.


Cat. no 232T, Spray Smooth Fingerprint Ink, Net Wt. 4 oz. (113g)


SUP2                    SUP4


Cat. no SUP2, SupremInk™ Fingerprint Ink, 2 fl. oz. (59ml)

Cat. no SUP4, SupremInk™Fingerprint Ink, 4 fl. oz. (118ml)



Disposable Inked Strips feature a thin layer of SIRCHIE®’s famous fingerprint ink sandwiched between two thin sheets of plastic. The ink strips pro duce excellent fingerprint images. Great for recording elimination prints at the crime scene as well as for use with child ID programs.


Cat. no SIS15, 5” x 1” Disposable Ink Strips, 2,400 each

Cat. no SIS310C, 10” x 3” Disposable Ink Strips, 100/pack

Cat. no SIS35C, 5” x 3” Disposable Ink Strips, per 100

Cat. no SIS610C, 6” x 10” Disposable Ink Strips, per 100

Cat. no SISH35X, Disposable Ink Strip Holders, 5” x 3”, 10 each

Cat. no SISH310X, Disposable Ink Strip Holders, 10” x 3”, 10 each

Cat. no SISH610X, Disposable Ink Strip Holders, 6” x 10”, 10 each



These high-quality, super-smooth inking slabs provide optimum versatility and portability. Two polished stainless steel versions are available, as well as a 4” x 10” glass slab (No. FPT205). The No. FPT258 and No. FPT260 stainless steel inking slabs feature predrilled mounting holes.


Cat. no FPT258, Stainless Steel Inking Slab, 4” x 10” (10.2cm x 25.4cm)

Cat. no FPT260, Stainless Steel Inking Slab, 5” x 12” ( 12.7cm x 30.5cm)

Cat. no FPT205, Glass Inking Slab, 4” x 10” x 3/16” (10.2cm x 25.4cm x 0.5cm)


Strip Clean™ Sheets

Sirchie’s Strip Clean™ Sheets are non-adhesive, self-sticking, clear winyl sheets that are placed on the surface of any metal, plastic or glass ink slab prior to inking the surface. The primary purpose is to provide quick, disposable, effortless and less messy ink clean-up after fingerprints are taken.


Cat. no FPT210, Strip-Clean™ Sheets, 20 each



Lansberry’s Ridge Builder is a unique solution that will bring excellent definition and clarity to fingerprint ridge structures. Lansberry’s Ridge Builder is applied to the finger bulbs before fingerprinting—making it possible to obtain legible fingerprints from brick masons, agricultural workers, the elderly, or anyone else who has poor fingerprint ridge structure. This product will help increase the number of successful latent print searches and subsequent comparisons by ensuring better initial fingerprint recordings. Available in two forms: liquid and disposable pads. Apply liquid with a cotton swab or wipe disposable pad on fingers before fingerprinting.


LRB20                                       LRB20T


Cat. no LRB20, Lansberry’s Ridge Builder, 4 oz. (118ml) liquid,

Cat. no LRB20T, Lansberry’s Ridge Builder, 100 disposable pads


EZ Scan Ridge Enhancer

Due to the activities, vocation or age of some people, their damaged and worn fingerprint ridges or lack of hydration of the skin can make it difficult to obtain legible fingerprints. EZ Scan Ridge Enhancer was developed to enhance ridge detail in these instances using a new proprietary rehydration formula. Once applied to the fingers with the built-in foam applicator pad, EZ Scan Ridge Enhancer rehydrates the skin and expands the friction ridges— producing improved detail in subsequently recorded fingerprints. EZ Scan Ridge Enhancer works equally well with traditional fingerprint inking methods and live scan apparatus and won’t leave any residue on ink surfaces or a live scan platen glass. EZ Scan may also be used to restore desiccated, mummified fingers on cadavers. In cases where finger tips are dehydrated, one or two applications of EZ Scan will restore the ridges enough to permit gaining legible prints. Mummified fingers can be soaked in EZ Scan solution to restore ridge detail. Once complete, Finders can be processed through casting or conventional cadaver fingerprint taking methods.


Cat. no FPT00001, EZ SCAN Ridge Enhancer, 1.5 fl. oz. (45 ml) bottle



The SEARCH Super Fingerprint Ink Roller is one of the finest ink rollers made. The roller assembly is designed to ensure operator comfort for effective Ink spreading. The roller’s black-wrinkle-finished steel frame provides the proper weight and balance for optimum control. The roller features a high-density, medium-soft composition rubber that will withstand repeated cleaning with harsh solvents. The roller bracket is designed to prevent the roller from touching the inking table when not in use.


Cat. no FEL100, 4” SEARCH Super Fingerprint Ink Roller

Cat. no FRR400, 4” SEARCH Super Fingerprint Ink Replacement Roller



This line of quality ink rollers features an unbreakable, custom-designed thermoplastic handle for maximum operator comfort and control. The frame design prevents the roller from touching the inking table when not in use. A high-density, medium soft rubber roller element withstands repeated clearing with harsh solvents. The roller is easy to disassemble when replacement parts are required.


FPT262                                  FPT262A                                      FPT262B


Cat. no FPT262, 2” SEARCH Easy-Grip Fingerprint Ink Roller

Cat. no FPT262A, 3” SEARCH Easy-Grip Fingerprint Ink Roller

Cat. no FPT262B, 4” SEARCH Easy-Grip Fingerprint Ink Roller

Cat. no FRR200, 2” Replacement Roller

Cat. no FRR300, 3” Replacement Roller

Cat. no FRR400, 4” Replacement Roller