Powszechne występowanie śladów skutkuje doskonaleniem metod ich zabezpieczania. SIRCHIE oferuje szeroki zakres tradycyjnych materiałów wykorzystywanych w procesie zabezpieczania śladów powierzchniowych i wgłębionych jak również nowe rozwiązania, rozszerzające możliwości kryminalistyki. W miejsca typowych gipsów modelowych wprowadzone zostały gipsy o wysokiej twardości (kamień dentystyczny). Do wykonania odlewów śladów wgłębionych SIRCHIE oferuje ponadto różne rodzaje mas silikonowych. Ofertami specjalnymi SIRCHIE jest urządzenie elektrostatyczne do zabezpieczania śladów naniesionych na podłoże substancją drobnocząsteczkową oraz sta niwiski do fotografowania śladów traseologicznych.

Równie ważnym jak zabezpieczenie materiału dowodowego jest sporządzenie /wykonanie adekwatnego materiału porównawczego. Do wykonania odpowiedniej jakości materiału porównawczego SIRCHIE oferuje pianki Bio-Foam umożliwiające trójwymiarowe odwzorowania podeszwy buta oraz pakiety do tuszowego i beztuszowego sporządzenia dwuwymiarowych odbitek spodu buta bądź koła pojazdu.


Masy silikonowe do wykonywania odlewów śladów wgłębionych



This economical, space-saving kit contains all the necessary materials needed for casting small crime scene impressions such as single footprints, tool marks, and bite marks. The liquid silicone is also the perfect medium for lifting powder-developed latent fingerprints from rough or textured surfaces. Easy to prepare and apply.


Cat. no SRK700, No. 1 Silicone Casting Kit



This kit contains all of the necessary materials for larger impression casting applications. The kit contains 2-one pound jars of Liquid Silicone Rubber with Catalyst, as well as 16 oz. of Silicone Rubber Thinner. A pump spray container of Silicone Release Agent is supplied for use when casting on difficult surfaces such as deep impressions in wood or metal. Ideal for use on most crime scene impressions. All of the tools needed are contained in the kit.


Cat. no SRK800, No. 2 Silicone Casting Kit



This is a complete field kit with all the materials for making accurate reproductions with liquid silicone. Supplied materials facilitate casting of tire and footprints in snow, mud and sand as well as other casting requirements.


Cat. no 640C, Liquid Silicone Casting Kit



This is the most economical medium for producing exact reproductions of virtually any surface including footprints, tire prints, tool and jimmy marks, prints in dust, fingerprints, crash debris, firearms and the identification of disaster victims. It features a long shelf life and is unaffected by temperatur es from -70° F to +500° F. Liquid silicone rubber is quick-setting in three to five minutes, yet it flows easily into hairline cracks and can also be thinned to flow more freely. Available in a 1 lb. (454 g) jar with catalyst.



This conveniently packaged product is used to aid in the separation of cred silicone from impression areas. It also works well with plaster and dental stone casting materials. Apply a thin, even coating over the surface to be preserved. Available in 4.5 oz. aerosol or 4 oz. pump spray.



Use silicone rubber thinner with No. 634C liquid silicone rubber compound. This product thins the compound, allowing it to flow more freely and cover a wider area. It is supplied in a 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) bottle.


Cat. no 634C, Liquid Silicone Rubber, 1 lb. (454g) w/TM1 Catalyst

Cat. no SRA10, Silicone Rubber Release Agent, 4.5 oz. (128g) aerosol

Cat. no SRA10A, Silicone Rubber Release Agent, 4 oz. (12ml) pump spray

Cat. no 636C, Silicone Rubber Thinner, 16 oz. (473ml)



Eliminate the mess and difficulty of mixing plaster—use ZIP-MIX™ Plaster Casting. Casting plaster must be Mied uniformly and all lumps eliminated. ZIPMIX ™ plaster ensures a uniform, smooth mixture every time. Simply Combie water and plaster in the zip-top bag and knead with both hands until no lumps are felt. The ZIP-MIX™ set includes a premeasured amount of plaster and water— enough to cast a full-sized adult footprint. Everything needed is in one convenient package.


Cat. no ZMP100, ZIP-MIX™ Plaster Casting


Odlewy gipsowe śladów wgłębionych



This special formula plaster is for tire and footprint evidence. The exothermic retarder slows set-up while mixing and reduces shrinkage while curing. Comes in a 8 lbs. (3.63kg) container.



These all-aluminum, adjustable casting frazes restrict the flow of casting compounds. Each size expands a full six inches In length. Manufactured out of 0.060” x 1 3/4” aluminum.


Cat. no 639C1, Casting Plaster, 8 lbs. (3.63kg)

Cat. no FCF100, Adjustable Casting Frame, 7 1/4” x 12” to 18” (18,4x30,5 do 45,7 cm)

Cat. no FCF200, Adjustable Casting Frame, 12” x 18” to 24” (30,5x 45,7 do 70 cm)


Disposable Casting Frames

SIRCHIE® has developed these Disposable Casting Frames for use in the field to provide a low-cost, disposable alternative to traditional frames. Each Frome consists of two strips of heavy-duty, moistureresistant, corrugated COREX material, which can be assembled in seconds using the adhesive tabs. The size of the frame can be adjusted to accommodate most shoe impressions by varying the position of the two COREX pieces. To make larger frames for casting tire tread impressions, simply fasten together multiple units. After your cast is dry, removal is easy since the casting material won’t stick to the COREX frame—Simple slide it off and throw it away—no clean up! Works great with plaster or dental stone casting material!


Cat. no IMP00001, Disposable Casting Frames, 4 sets



These highly flexible, self-cleaning mixing bowls are ideal for mixing liquid silicone rubber, plaster, and har d-core . The bowls feature a non-stick surface that is resistant to chemicals and petroleum products.


Cat. no 641C, Flexible Mixing Bowl, 3 1/2” (8.9cm) diameter

Cat. no 642C, Flexible Mixing Bowl, 4 1/4” (10.8cm) diameter

Cat. no 643C, Flexible Mixing Bowl, 4 3/4” (12.1cm) diameter

Cat. no 644C, Flexible Mixing Bowl, 5 1/4” (13.3cm) diameter

Cat. no 646C, Flexible Mixing Bowls, 4 piece set



This complete kit is ideal for casting exact reproductions of footprints and tire prints in snow, mud, sand and dirt. It is excellent for field investigations. Comes complete with application procedures and instructions.


Cat. no 639C, Tire and Footprint Plaster Casting Kit


Shake-N-Cast™ impression casting kit

This incredibly simple to use kit eliminates all the mess and guesswork inherent with most other casting methods. Shake-N-Cast™ contains 42oz. (1191.7g) of proprietary gypsum casting material packaged with an internal premeasured water capsule. The mixture is always the correct consistency! Due to its exceptional strength, Shake-N-Cast™ is fast becoming the preferred choice of crime scene specialists and crime laboratory personnel. Typical casts are only 0.5” to 0.75” (13mm to 19mm) thick. No reinforcement is needed. Each kit is sufficient for casting a full-sized adult shoe print.


Cat. no SNC42, Shake-N-Cast™ Impression Kit

Cat. no SNC428, Shake-N-Cast™ Impression Kit, 8 each


Disposable Shake-N-Cast™ Kit

This kit combines 4 of our popular pre-measured Shake-N-Cast™ pouches with 2 sets of our new Disposable Casting Frames—offering convenience, affordability and ease of use. Shake-N-Cast™ pouches contain proprietary gypsum casting material with an internal pre-measured water capsule. To use, just break the water capsule, knead and pour—no measuring required. Our new Disposable Casting Frames are made of durable COREX that can be easily removed and discarded after use. Kit allows you to cast either one large tire tread impression or two large footwear impressions— with no measuring or cleanup! Comes packaged in a cardboard container with internal zip-top bag.


Cat. no IMPSNCD4, Disposable Shake-N-Cast™ Kit


Master Shake-N-Cast™ impression kit

This is SIRCHIE®’s complete field kit with all the necessary materials needed for making accurate impressions utilizing our Shake-N-Cast™ method. Along with five pouches of Shake-N-Cast™, this kit contains two cans of our Dust and Dirt Hardener for preparing impressions in loose or sandy soil and two cans of our Snow Impression Wax for casting in snow and ice. Two casting frames are included for casting footprints and tire tracks.


Cat. no SNC100, Master Shake-N-Cast™ Impression Kit

Cat. no TLK700, Tactical Master Shake-N-Cast™ Impression Kit


Aerosol Dust and Dirt Hardener

This efficient method for preparing footprints and tire tracks found in loose or sandy soil is packaged in aerosol form. Our Dust and Dirt Hardener features a quick-drying, clear acrylic formula that adds superior strength to impressions—lessening the Chance of detail damage due to the weight of the casting material. Use it with plaster-of-paris, HARD-CORE, or Shake-N-Cast™ materials. One 15-ounce can of 638CA Dust and Dirt Hardener is enough to make up to 30 full-size adult shoe impression applications.



Impression evidence found in snow or ice presents a unique set of difficulties for recovery. Due to the fact that most gypsum-based casting materials generale heat during the curing process, it is necessary to provide an insulating medium. Spray Snow Impression Wax into the impression to prepare the surface for casting. This locks the impression detail to avoid melting when the casting medium is applied. It is supplied In an aerosol can.

Using Snow Impression Wax serves a dual purpose:

1. It provides insulation from the curing heat of the casting medium.

2. It hardens the impression, preventing it from being crushed by the weight of the casting medium.


Cat. no 638CA, Aerosol Dust and Dirt Hardener, 15 oz. (425g) can

Cat. no SP1000, Snow Impression Wax, 15 oz. (425g) can



Hard-Core Blue ™ casting material and solution are sold in premeasured amounts required for mixing.


Cat. no HCB2001, HARD-CORE BLUE™ Casting Material, 3 lbs. (1.36kg)

Cat. no HCB2002, HARD-CORE BLUE™ Solution, 24 fl. oz. (709.76ml)

Cat. no HCB3001, HARD-CORE BLUE™ Casting Material, 8 lbs. (3.62kg)

Cat. no HCB3002, HARD-CORE BLUE™ Solution, 64 fl. oz. (1.89L)

Cat. no HCB4001, HARD-CORE BLUE™ Casting Material, 50 lbs. (22.68kg)



Premeasured hard-core casting material and Har d-Core Blue ™ solution ensure a uniform mixture every time. Simply add the blue solution to the zip-top bag and knead with both hands until smooth. Then, pour into prepared impression area.


Cat. no HCB100Z, ZIP-MIX™ Casting Combo (3 lbs. material, 24 oz. solution)

Cat. no HCB100, ZIP-MIX™ Casting Combo (6 lbs. material, 48 oz. solution)


Hard-Core Blue™ Tire and Footprint Casting Kit

This complete kit includes the materials and supplies for casting tire and footprint impressions at the crime scene. Har d-Core BLUE™ casting material is provided to permit detailed reproduction of impression evidence. Resulting casts are rock-hard and require no reinforcement. Use this kit for recovery of impressions found in snow, mud, sand and soil.


Cat. no 639HCB, Hard-Core BLUE™ Tire and Footprint Casting Kit


Master HARD-CORE BLUE™ and Liquid Silicone Casting Kit

This complete field kit contains all the materials necessary to recover most forms of impression evidence found at crime scenes. From tool marks to tire tracks, this kit offers efficient, thorough evidence collection. The flexibility of this kit becomes evident when confronting various environmental situations.


Cat. no CSP1000, Master Hard-Core BLUE™ and Liquid Silicone Casting Kit



Stanowisko do fotografowania śladów traseologicznych


Universal Evidence Photo Stand

SIRCHIE®’s Universal Photo Evidence Stand is an excellent alternative to traditional cumbersome camera tripods. This photo stand eliminates the problem of tripod legs showing up in evidential photographs. It features full-length English (No. UPS100) or Metric (No. UPS100M) photo scales on all four sides. The outer frame is constructed of sturdy steel with a matte Black wrinkle coat finish, and the adjustable photo scale mounts are polished steel. The unit also features a telescoping professional-duty camera mount. The Universal Photo Evidence Stand is sturdy enough to support most digital and analog cameras up to 2.5 lbs. (1.1kg). The unit can be assembled and disassembled in seconds for easy storage and transport. The evidence scales are printed on magnetic strips for easy replacement. The front and back scales are mounted on sliding scale mounts for easy adjustment to cover the evidence being photographed.


Cat. no UPS100, Universal Evidence Photo Stand w/English Scales

Cat. no UPS100M, Universal Evidence Photo Stand w/Metric Scales

Cat. no UPS101W, Magnetic Scale Set, White, English, 4 each

Cat. no UPS102W, Magnetic Scale Set, White, Metric, 4 each

Cat. no UPS101B, Magnetic Scale Set, Black, English, 4 each

Cat. no UPS102B, Magnetic Scale Set, Black, Metric, 4 each



Pianka Bio-Foam do wykonania trójwymiarowego materiału porównawczego



Here’s a quick and easy system of ma king footwear impressions without damaging Or contaminating the footwear. Simply Press the footwear onto the Bio -Foam ® surface, spray on a thin coating of Aerosol Dust & Dirt Hardener (Cat. No. 638CA), and then mix and pour in Shake-NCast ™ (No. SNC42) readyto- use casting material. This makes a permanent impression of the footwear. The high-density foam provides extremely fine detail and comes packaged in a selfstoring cardboard container.


Cat. no BIF100, BIO-FOAM® Impression Kit

Cat. no BIF101, BIO-FOAM® Impression Kits (case of 24)



Wykonanie dwuwymiarowego materiału porównawczego



These unique lifting devices are coated with super-sensitive acrylic adhesive for lifting the most minute particles. Simply remove the adhesive protector, apply to the area, lift and mount on backing material supplied with each lifter. Lifters are 6” x 15” and are supplied in a package of 12. Lifters are supplied with twelve 6” x 15” x 0.010” transparent plastic backing sheets.



The SEARCH Rubber/GEL Footprint Lifters are uniquely designed to allow for an accurate transfer of foot or footwear prints from dusty and/or dirty surfaces. They are particularly useful when dealing with lightly covered surfaces because they don’t generate static electricity like standard lifting tapes. Two 6” x 15” rubber footprint lifters—one black and one white.



To accurately compare tire print evidence, the track left by the suspect tire should be recorded under the pressure of the vehicle. SIRCHTRAK™ is an easy-to-use “drive over” system that gives a permanent record of the tire under load, making comparisons to casts and/or photographs more reliable and eliminating dusting or inking of tires to be examined.


Simply lay a sheet of SIRCHTRAK™ on the impression board and drive the vehicle over it. The pressure of the tire under load causes the interleaved carbon carrier to transfer to the adhesive-coated receiver sheet. Simply peel off the carbon carrier and discard.


Unlike conventional methods of making test tracks, the tire tread imprints are exact, uniform, high-contrast reproductions which become an accurate “signature” of the suspect tire. The SIRCHTRAK™ printout is perfect for comparison purposes and ultimate courtroom presentations.


Cat. no FR001, Footprint Residue Lifters, 12 each

Cat. no 647C100, Rubber/GEL Footprint Lifters (1 white, 1 black)

Cat. no STT100, SIRCHTRAK™ System



Up until now the choices for recording actual shoe print evidence to compare against lifted impressions have been limited. Two of the more popular methods involved rolling fingerprint ink on the sole of the shoe and transferring it to paper or applying black fingerprint powder to the sole, and then transferring it to an adhesive-coated surface. Both methods create quite a mess both before taking the impression and cleaning-up afterward. The new EZID™ Stainfree Footwear Impression System consists of a pre-impregnated stainfree pad and pre-sensitized impression cards. More than 200 footwear impressions can be taken from a single EZID™ stainfree pad. And since no ink is visible on the surface it is applied to, no cleanup is necessary. Plus, the reverse side of the impression cards are printed with an impression evidence report for recording all pertinent information. The EZID400 kit is the ideal tool for use in the crime laboratory or at the crime scene and is excellent for elimination of prints on-the-spot. It is Simple to use and can record even the smallest details of wear and tear found on footwear. The most outstanding feature is that there is no messy cleanup after impressions are taken.


Cat. no EZID400, EZID™ Stainfree Footwear Impression System

Cat. no EZID402C, Inkless Impression Cards, 5 1/2” x 16 1/2”, 200 each

Cat. no EZID403, Shoe Impression Rejuvenator Ink, 0.5 oz. (15ml)



Urządzenie elektrostatyczne do zabezpieczania śladó naniesionych substancją drobnocząsteczkową



One of the most overlooked forms of physical evidence at the crime scene is impression evidence. This is largely due to a lack of specific training in the proper search, collection and preservation techniques and procedures. Locating and recovering obvious impressions from mud, dirt or blood are usually accomplished, but dust prints found in many indoor crime scenes are often overlooked and many times damaged or obliterated.

By using the Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter, prints left in the dust of a floor, light soil from a criminals shoes, or impressions made on overlooked areas such as dusty walls or doors can be recovered. The Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter consists of a high voltage power supply/ control unit, a nickel-plated steel ground plane and a metalized lifting medium. Older electrostatic models required the use of two lifting mats—one positively charged and one negatively charged. Our latest electrostatic lifter uses only one metalized plastic sheet and a metal ground plane. As high voltage is applied to the lifting mat, it takes on a negative charge and the ground plane becomes positive. Any dust present under the mat will take on a positive charge and will then be attracted to the negatively charged collection mat. A dust print that is transferred to the lifting mat will appear as a precise mirror image of the original print and lifts made from rough-surfaced floor tile or irregular flooring of any kind are facilitated using this method.


Cat. no ESP900, Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter Kit

Cat. no ESP902, Lifting Mats, 2’ x 3’, 10 each

Cat. no ESP905, Roll Lifting Material, 12” x 25’ roll

Cat. no ESP906, Roll Lifting Material, 12” x 50’ roll

Cat. no ESP909, Evidence Box, Lifting Mat, 39” x 27” x 1”, 10 each

Cat. no ESP900BT, Protective Rubber Boot





DUROCAST™ Impression Comp0und

Forced entry of any premises usually is accomplished with the aid of to ols or jimmying devices. The indentations left by these tools should be preserved Rusing SIRCHIE®’s durocast ™ Impression Compound. The putty-like consistency enables impression castings on vertical Or horizontal surfaces. Castings may be made of tool marks, firing pin marks and brech face marks, with exact detail. This is one of the most accurate products available for impression reproductions and is capable of reproducing the ink depth of U.S. paper currency. It is ideal for reproducing impressions in metals, wood, plastic and paper. NO RELEASE AGENT REQUIRED FOR SEPARATION. Its shelf life is more than 2 years in a tightly sealed container. Compound includes a No. DOC100S measuring scoop. Castings remain flexible indefinitely. Non-toxic with a set-up time of 8-12 minutes.


Cat. no DOC101, Compound w/Catalyst and scoop, 23.28 oz. (660g)

Cat. no DOC330, Compound w/Catalyst and scoop, 11.64 oz. (330g)

Cat. no DOC1000, DUROCAST™ Impression Compound Kit


MIKROSIL™ Casting Material Kit

When casting small details that need high-contrast for microscopic examinations, use the Mikrosil ™ Casting Material method. It consists of two easy-to-use tubes, mixing pad and wooden spatula. The large tube contains putty material (available in brown, gray, black and white) and the smaller tube contains catalyst. Brown and gray are preferred by tool mark examiners while white and black are used to lift dusted latent fingerprints from rough or textured surfaces.


Cat. no MCM100B, MIKROSIL™ Casting Material Kit, Brown

Cat. no MCM100BL, MIKROSIL™ Casting Material Kit, Black

Cat. no MCM100G, MIKROSIL™ Casting Material Kit, Gray

Cat. no MCM100W, MIKROSIL™ Casting Material Kit, White

Cat. no MCM100CA, MIKROSIL™ Catalyst

Cat. no DSP100, TexturLift™ Mikrosil™ Kit


All-Purpose Evidence Recovery Kit

The All-Purpose Evidence Recovery Kit offers a unique method of mixing and applying liquid silicone for the collection of tool marks, bite marks, blond prints and even developed latent fingerprints. The PVS200 eliminates the mess and guesswork by automatically mixing the exact proportions needed. Just squeeze the trigger and the two compounds are forced through a mixing tip and dispensed onto the surface. This incredible formula is the perfect method for lifting powdered latent prints from textured, irregular or curved surfaces. The transparent formula enables direct viewing of the print. Opaque formulas produce a reversed image. In many instances, transparent prints may be placed directly onto a flatbed scanner and scanned into a computer.


Cat. no PVS200, All-Purpose Evidence Recovery Kit

Cat. no PVS200W, Replacement White Dual Cartridge, 75ml

Cat. no PVS200B, Replacement Brown Dual Cartridge, 75ml

Cat. no PVS200T, Replacement Transparent Dual Cartridge, 75ml

Cat. no PVS200NT, Replacement Spreader Tips, 40 ea.

Cat. no PVS200N, Replacement Nozzles, 40 ea.