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Conveniently packaged in a heavy-duty metal box, this complete tool kit provides essential support for arson investigation crime scenes. Power and/ or manual drilling, cutting and chiseling tools allow for the extrication of even the most difficult to obtain evidence. Protective gloves and disposable clothing are also included.


Cat. no AEC400, Arson Scene Tool Kit



This kit is designed for the collection of materials at fire and arson scenes. The tools provided facilitate the removal of the most commonly required evidential samples, including plaster, soot excelsior, wood chips and soil samples. The supplied collection containers allow for quick and easy, contaminant-free delivery to the lab for analysis. The “Arson Investigator’s Manual” is included.


Cat. no AEC300, Arson Investigation Solid Sampler Kit



The kit provides methods for extracting large and small volume samples, allowing the investigator to provide the lab with the best sample possible. The collection pump provided, along with the Teflon® chemical resistant hose, can collect liquids from up to 10 feet away, allowing Access to otherwise inaccessible pools of suspected liquids. Syringes are provided for collecting Samales from cracks and crevices, as well as filtering test tubes for providing a simple collection and transportation method. Also provided in the kit are two simple methods of identification. Petroleum strips are provided to identify petroleum based products, and pH lit mus strips are provided to determine if the liquid is acidic (pH below 6) or basic (pH above 8).


Cat. no AEC200, Arson Investigation Liquid Sampler Kit

Cat. no AEC210, Replacement Collection Hand Pump,

Cat. no AEC211, Replacement Collection Bottle with Valve Head,

Cat. no AEC212, Replacement Nalgene Sample Bottle w/screw-on cap,


Combustible Gas Detector

The CGD8800A is a general purpose combustible hydrocarbons detektor that may be used for detecting most combustible gas or vapors at suspected arson and fire scenes. This lightweight and fully portable instrument will locate quickly minute concentrations of combustible hydrocarbons and the presence of hazardous vapors at suspect arson scenes to levels as low as five PPM (parts per million). An invaluable tool for many unforeseeable and unexpected situations and no investigative department is fully equipped without one. The CGD8800A Combustible Gas Detector indicates the strength of the vapor source on an LED-based bar graph display. It emits a clicking signal (similar to a Geiger counter), whose frequency increases as the concentration of the combustible gas increases. The sensing head is located at the end of a 15” gooseneck-style extension arm that easily folds into the case for efficient storage and transport. The unit includes a carrying case, rechargeable batteries, a recharger, and 5 each SIRCHIE® Reference Standard Pads for field verification of the CGD8800A.


In order to guarantee proper operation and maintain NIST traceability, the sensor must be replaced every two years. Frequently check the calibration due date sticker located on the rear panel and return to SIRCHIE before the date has expired. For Calibration Service, call customer service at (919) 554-2244.


Cat. no CGD8800A, Combustible Gas Detector, 110 V

Cat. no CGD8800A220, Combustible Gas Detector, 220 V

Cat. no CGDREF, Reference Standard Pads, 10pk

Cat. no CGD8800ABAT, Replacement NiCad 2.4V C-Cell (2)

Cat. no CGD8800ACAR, Car Power Adapter, 12V

Cat. no CGDCAL, Calibration Service



The depth of charring of wood is one indicator as to how long the substancje burned, how intense the fire was and may indicate the possibility that accelerants were used when charring is exceptionally deep in isolated areas. The gauge permits rapid, accurate measurement throughout the fire scene and often eliminates having to cut out timbers unnecessarily. It is calibrated In 1/32” increments and measures up to 1” of char depth. It is a necessary aid to any arson investigation kit.


Cat. no CG1000, Char Depth Gauge



Sift through large volumes of potential evidence while eliminating unimportant debris with our newly redesigned sifting screens. These screens presort physical evidence to size, while allowing small, insignificant particles to remain at the scene. Made from heavy duty 18-gauge cold-rolled steel with black wrinkle-paint finish, the redesigned screen now features a base screen with a single insert. Rotating the insert in 90° increments creates three opening sizes from 1/8” up to 1/4”. Two thumbscrews hold the insert in place and when the insert is removed the base screen with 3/8” openings may be used. Overall size of the base screen is 18” x 18” and the insert measures 17” x 17”.


Cat. no DBS3, Debris Sifting Screens



This time and labor-saving innovation is a modified coal shovel featuring precision-machined sorting holes that isolate objects greater than 3/8” (1 cm) diameter, while allowing water run off. Sifting through ashes is import ant because an investigator may find evidence, such as furniture hardware—even when areas have been completely burned. In addition, the absence of some remains may lead to the motive. For these reasons, it is necessary to sift through debris to collect representative samples of solid materials such as wood, ashes, wiring, melted metal or glass.


Cat. no DSS21, Debris Sifting Shovel