Odtwarzanie wyglądu osób


Wykotrzystanie śladów pamięciowych umożliwia otworzenie wyglądu osoby sprawcy. Aktualny stan rozwoju techniki kryminalistycznej umożliwia wykorzystanie systemów komputerowych do tworzenia portretu pamięciowego.


Photo-Realistic, Color Composites

An eyewitness description of a suspect is often the only lead an investigator has, and the recall of a witness is better when he or she has realistic, color images to choose from. comPHOTOfit® + COLOR III utilizes extensive databases with hundreds of features from actual color photographs of people—billions of combinations are possible! With comPHOTOfit®, you build composites using five Basic components: foreheads, eyes, noses, mouths and chins. The resulting composites look like people, not generic sketches!


Customize Your Composite

Once you’ve assembled the five basic features of your composite, you can further modify it with accessory databases such as headwear, glasses, mustaches, beards, and an impressive arsenal of image editing tools. Adding wrinkles, scars, bruises and beard stubble is a an easy task. You’ll also be able to warp, nudge, adjust or change color, and lighten or darken portions of your composite, allowing you to fine-tune the image to meet youe witness’s description.


New and Improved Features with Version 3

The look and feel of comPHOTOfit® + COLOR III has been enhanced to make it more user friendly, including tabbed menus, automatic merge, multiple levels of redo in case you change your mind, and “fly over” text descriptions of All of the control buttons. There are new tools, like layer erase, where you can edit any of the layers without affecting others. The improved Capture Tool that makes capturing features from existing photographs simpler.


Ethnically Diverse Feature Databases

With ethnic diversity in many jurisdictions constantly growing, we’ve expanded our database choices. Now included with the all-new comPHOTOfit® + COLOR III are: Male & Female Caucasian, Black, Hispanic and Asian feature databases.


Create and Expand Your Own Databases

ComPHOTOfit® + COLOR III is the Orly composite software that allows you to create your own feature databases using photos from your mugshot archives. Now more intuitive and easier-to-use than ever, the Capture Tool allows you to import a photo and capture any or all of the individual features as well as accessory images such as headwear, glasses, mustaches, and beards. The Capture Tool is great for agencies serving areas with a unique and specific racial makeup. No other composite software gives you this kind of customization and flexibility.


Create Wanted Posters

Our newly-improved Poster Tool Works just like popular word processing and graphics programs, allowing you to format your wanted poster any way you want. After sending your finished composite to the Poster Tool, create headlines and text descriptions of your suspect selecting the font type, alignment, size and color. Print your poster or export it to a wide range of image formats (jpeg, pn g, pcx, tga, tif, bmp, gif or wmf).


New Network Licensing Options

New with comPHOTOfit® + COLOR III comes the choice of multiple licensing for use over a network. You can purchase the software for use on a single computer or add additional licenses. If you work on a network with the need for multiple users creating composites, we now offer licenses for 5, 10, 15 or 20 additional network users.


Cat. no CSW03000, comPHOTOfit® + COLOR III Facial Composite Software

Cat. no CSW03001, Single Additional License

Cat. no CSW03002, Network License (5 additional users)

Cat. no CSW03003, Network License (10 additional users)

Cat. no CSW03004, Network License (15 additional users)

Cat. no CSW03005, Network License (20 additional users)