Lupy i komparatory

Sprzęt optyczny stosowany w badaniach daktyloskopijnych, mechanoskopijnych oraz badaniach dokumentów

Specjalistyczny sprzęt optyczny jest niezbędnym narzędziem pracy szczególnie podczas badań daktyloskopijnych, badań dokumentów oraz wybranych badań mechanoskopijnych (odczytywanie zniszczonych pól numerowych, badanie na całość itp.).

W części poniższej katalogu prezentowane są różnorodne rodzaje sprzętu optycznego w tym lupy z rączką, lupy z podstawą, lupy podświetlane, lupy czołowe, biurkowe oraz chowane. Bardziej złożonym technologicznie sprzętem są komparatory optyczne i cyfrowe. Umożliwiają one badanie cech samego materiału dowodowego oraz zestawienie na wspólnym ekranie materiałów dowodowego i porównawczego.


Lupy z rączką, lupy z podstawą oraz inny specjalistyczny sprzęt optyczny


Professional Fingerprint Magnifier

The Professional Fingerprint Magnifier is sturdy and rugged, cast in solid stainless steel—ensuring years of wobble-free performance. The optics assembly consists of precision-machined, nickelplated brass that houses the 4.5X magnification, two-element optical glass lens system. Precision-focusing is accomplished by raising or lowering the optics assembly on its threaded focusing mount. The optional No. JC101LR locking ring ensures that the setting is maintained. The No. JC100P, and the four classification discs designer specifically for use with the magnifier offer the user a superior examination tool.



These discs are designed for use exclusively with the No. JC100P Professional Fingerprint Magnifier. The discs utilize optical-quality glass with quality precision silk-screened lines. The housing is machined from tempered aluminum and finished with an optical black anodize.


Cat. no JC100P, Professional Fingerprint Magnifier, 4.5X

Cat. no JC101LR, Black Anodized Knurled Locking Ring

Cat. no JC101H, Henry Disc

Cat. no JC101B, Battley Disc

Cat. no JC101HB, Henry/Battley Disc

Cat. no JC101M, Miracode Palm Disc



The M1 Professional Fingerprint Magnifier features a two-element lens system that provides 4.5X magnification with a 1 1/4” field of view. It delivers superb image clarity and sharpness and features coarse and fine focusing adjustments as well as a lock ring to set focus for extended use. The M2 is an excellent fingerprint magnifier that provides 4.5X magnification using a two-element glass optics system which provides great clarity with a minimum of distortion. The magnifier’s height adjustment knob allows for easy positioning of the optics. The M1 and M2 Professional Magnifiers are constructed of precisionmachined aluminum with an optical black anodized finish. The base is designed for use with the PF series of classification discs and features springloaded ball bearings allowing full 360° rotation of the classification discs.


Cat. no PFP100, M1 Magnifier

Cat. no PFP200, M2 Magnifier

Cat. no PFH10, Henry Disc

Cat. no PFB11, Battley Disc

Cat. no PFHB12, Henry/Battley Disc

Cat. no PFM13, Miracode Palm Disc



This professional fingerprint magnifier features a smooth rack-and-pinion focusing mechanism. A two-element 4.5X magnification optical system ensures sharp, clear images and a threaded disc holder allows for secure attachment.


Cat. no JC200, Fingerprint Magnifier

Cat. no JC201H, Henry Disc

Cat. no JC201B, Battley Disc

Cat. no JC201HB, Henry/Battley Disc

Cat. no JC201M, Miracode Palm Disc



This magnifier allows the user to study a much larger field of view than standard fingerprint magnifiers. A thumbscrew allows fast and simple fokus adjustments. Images appear sharp, clear and focused over the entire viewing area. This 3.2X magnification wide-field magnifier is constructed with a sturdy aluminum frame. See below for optional classification discs.


Cat. no JC300, Wide-Field Professional Fingerprint Magnifier

Cat. no JC301H, Henry Disc

Cat. no JC301B, Battley Disc

Cat. no JC301HB, Henry/Battley Disc

Cat. no JC301M, Miracode Palm Disc



This high-quality fingerprint magnifier features an exceptionally wide fieldof- view. This is an ideal fingerprint comparison magnifier due to the quality optics and the super-wide viewing area. Focusing is a quick and simple matter of using the convenient thumbscrew locking adjustment. The solid, allaluminum frame construction of this 3.5X magnification unit ensures stability and longevity.


Cat. no JC400, Super-Wide-Field Professional Fingerprint Magnifier

Cat. no JC401H, Henry Disc

Cat. no JC401B, Battley Disc

Cat. no JC401HB, Henry/Battley Disc

Cat. no JC401M, Miracode Palm Disc



The need for a magnifier with a swivel head is apparent because all physical evidence isn’t found on Flat surfaces. The JC5214 is the perfect aid to the latent print examiner for those hard to visualize situations. The hard coated magnifying lens offers 4X magnification with a wide undistorted viewing field for less eyestrain. Images are always in fokus for hands-free use. Lightweight, heavy-duty molded plastic design for years of trouble-free use.


Cat. no JC5214, 4X Aspheric Stand Magnifier


6x and 8x Aspheric Stand Magnifiers

These high power, Aspheric Stand Magnifiers offer distortion-free viewing using hard coated acrylic lenses and tough, long lasting ABS frames. The JC4206 has a magnification capability of 6X and 8X magnification is afforded with the JC4208. Either of these Aspheric Stand Magnifiers would be the perfect tool for busy identification bureaus, as well as in the classroom.


Cat. no JC4206, 6X Aspheric Stand Magnifier

Cat. no JC4208, 8X Aspheric Stand Magnifier



These magnifiers feature high-grade, optically ground and polished Glass lenses for maximum detail. They are ideally suited for the examination of latent prints and other physical evidence.


Cat. no 316M, 2 1/2” (6.3cm) Magnifier, 3X

Cat. no 317M, 3” (7.6cm) Magnifier, 2X

Cat. no 318M, 3 1/2” (8.9cm) Magnifier, 2X

Cat. no 319M, 4” (10.2cm) Magnifier, 2X

Cat. no 320M, 4 1/2” (11.4cm) Magnifier, 1.75X



These lightweight magnifiers feature precision ground and polished biconvex glass lenses and are mounted in a plastic frame with an easy-to-grip handle.


Cat. no 317P, 3” (7.6cm) Magnifier w/10” (25.4cm) focus, 2X

Cat. no 318P, 3.5” (8.9cm) Magnifier w/10” (25.4cm) focus, 2X

Cat. no 319P, 4” (10.2cm) Magnifier w/10” (25.4cm) focus, 2X


Gooseneck Magnifier

The gooseneck magnifier features a 4" (10.2cm) optically ground and polished lens that is mounted to a flexible neck for versatility in handling. The unit’s base is black cast iron. Surrounding ferrule and support are chromium-plated brass. Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6kg).


Conduct eye-level inspection of physical evidence using the JC110 binocular 3.5X lenses fashioned from shatter resistant acrylic material. The adjustable, contoured, padded vinyl headband affords a perfect fit—and it’s washable, too. Can be worn over eyeglasses. Front lens unit flips up during non-use. Viewing distance is 4” (10.2cm).

Stand Magnifier

This 4X Stand Magnifier is the right tool for identification bureaus and classrooms. The low cost, highly effective, hard coated fixed focus lens makes this magnifier a good all-round choice. The lens size of 47mm offers wide-field viewing.

Acrylic Magnifiers

These unique magnifiers gather surrounding light and concentrate it on the area below the magnifier base. They feature pre-focused 4X magnification, and are constructed of optical-grade cast acrylic. They feature a non-scratch base and wide-field viewing—several people may view evidence being examined at the same time. Choose from 2.5”, 3.5” or 4.5”

Professional Folding Magnifier with Case

This high-quality, 5X, fixed-focus magnifier folds up into a compact unit for storage in its vinyl case. The lenses are fine-quality, optically ground and polished glass. The base is clearly marked with graduation lines on 4 sides.

Attached Case Magnifier

This is a conveniently sized, inexpensive, fold-up magnifier with a 1.75” (44mm) diameter lens. It is the perfect size for kits or to carry in your pocket.


Cat. no 322M, Gooseneck Magnifier, 3.5 diopter focus

Cat. no JC110, Magni-Focuser, 3.5X

Cat. no JC5428, Stand Magnifier, 4X


Cat. no JC349M, Acrylic Magnifier 2.5” (6.35cm), 4X

Cat. no JC350M, Acrylic Magnifier 3.5” (8.9cm), 4X

Cat. no JC351M, Acrylic Magnifier 4.5” (11.43cm), 4X

Cat. no 313M, Professional Folding Magnifier with case, 5X

Cat. no 379M, Attached Case Magnifier, 3X



This handy, retractable magnifier gives full 2X magnification over a 2 3/4” x 1 1/2” (6.98cm x 3.81cm) viewing area, yet retracts to only 3 1/4”—allowing it to easily fit in a poczet (extended length is six inches). The lens is mounted in a body of high-impact plastic that keeps it safe and clean when closed. Weight: 1.4 oz. (39.68g)


This professional-size 2X magnifier with a 4” x 2” lens (10.16cm x 5.08cm) is an excellent aid for examining fingerprints and other evidence. An ON/OFF switch is provided for the battery-supplied illumination. The unit is supplied with 2-AA Alkaline batteries. Weight: 4.8 oz. (136g)


Cat. no 325M, Retractable Magnifier

Cat. no 326M, Rectangular Illuminated Magnifier



Sirchie’s latest addition to its ever-growing arsenal of crime fighting tools is this unique, hand-held, illuminated magnifier. The wide field, 3.75” (9.52cm) diameter lens provides up to 2.5X magnification; and a self-contained “Spot Magnifier” provides an even closer look at the evidence under scrutiny. Backup illumination is provided by 2 extended-life LEDs powered by 2 AAA Alkaline batteries. Constructed of high impact plastic, the No. 321M will withstand the rigors of crime scene and laboratory use.


This pocket-sized magnifier is equipped with a built-in illuminator and a powerful 4X lens. Slip it in a shirt or jacket pocket—always ready when you need it. Housed in a tough, lightweight, plastic case. The JC7538 is the go-anywhere tool for locating evidence at the crime scene. Requires 2-AA batteries (not included).


Cat. no 321M, Illuminated Fingerprint Magnifier

Cat. no JC7538, Illuminated Fingerprint Magnifying Glass


Illuminated Swing Arm Magnifier

The 360o lamp head/swing arm assembly, designed to stay parallel to the viewing surface, comes equipped with an extra-large glass magnifier offering 3 diopters of magnification. Two individually controlled light banks each house one 13-watt cool white lamp. It easily mounts to most laboratory tables for the examination of a variety of evidence. 110V AC


Cat. no 465M, Illuminated Swing Arm Magnifier, 3 diopters, 110V AC



Komparatory optyczne i cyfrowe


Illuminated Comparator

This Illuminated comparator reduces eyestrain with its 4" (10.2cm) dia. wide-field view glass magnification lens and permits examination of larger areas than most systems. The combination magnifier/lamp head is attached to a flexible gooseneck assembly capable of rotating more than 180O. This unit features an enlarged viewing base measuring 12.25" x 18" (31.1cm x 45.7cm) with a maximum viewing height from base to lens of approximately 9" (22.9cm). Illumination is provided by a 4-watt cool white fluorescent lamp. It is ideal for locating hairs and fibers on clothing, questioned document analysis, and fingerprint classification and identification.


Cat. no 365M, Illuminated Comparator, 110V AC

Cat. no 365M220, Illuminated Comparator, 220V AC

Cat. no KCP218, Replacement Bulb, 4-watt, cool white, 1 each


Color Forensic Video Magnifier

The FX9XL is the top choice in its class. Designed not only for fingerprint classification with 3X magnification, the large work area accommodates a standard 8" x 8" (20.3cm x 20.3cm) record card and permits easy examination of a variety of physical evidence. With a 4" (10.2cm) LCD monitor, the FX9XL is the ideal tool for examining fingerprints, questioned documents, fragments (i.e., glass, metal, paint and plastic), various kinds of fabric and much more. The FX9100 Classification Disc Holder provided facilitates classification of 10-print record cards and accommodates any PF-series of classification disco (optional). See Classification Discs for the M1 and M2 Magnifiers. Reduce and eliminate eyestrain and fatigue with simplified controls offering ease-of-use. A Video Out Jack permits connection to video monitors, recorders or computers with video capture capability.


Cat. no FX9XL, Color Forensic Video Magnifier, 110V

Cat. no FX9XL220, Color Forensic Video Magnifier, 220V

Cat. no FXMAG4, Magnets, pin-style, set of 4 each


Forensic Optical Comparator

The examination of physical evidence demands a critical eye. Normally, such examination is a tedious, eye-straining chore since it usually requires hours of peering through a microscope or magnifier at evidence. The Forensic Optical Comparator takes the tedium and eye-strain out of evidence examination and comparison. The Forensic Optical Comparator puts the work up front, providing a clear, crisp, magnified image without requiring the examiner to peer through a lens. This unit is ideal for close, careful examination and comparison of physical evidence. The Forensic Optical Comparator is designed for operator convenience and performance. The unit features two projectors for a full-screen, side-byside display of two images—without image overlap. Latent fingerprints May be compared with recorded prints; suspected counterfeit money may be compared with legal tender; and questioned documents and signatures May be compared with genuine articles. Two quartz halogen projection lamps are controlled by individual front panel switches for dual or single unit usage. Optics carried by the tur ret automatically provide appropriate surface illumination. Each lamp compartment is monitored by a thermal switch which allows the silent-run fan to continue to operate even after shut off. A matched pair of color-corrected, side-by-side f/3.5 objective lenses provide 6.5X and 10X magnification. Control knobs raise and lower the unit’s two stainless steel surface platforms for image focusing.


Cat. no FX8B, Forensic Optical Comparator, 110V

Cat. no FX8B220, Forensic Optical Comparator, 220V

Cat. no FX8BHSL, Replacement Heat-Absorbing Lens

Cat. no FX8BSW, Replacement Toggle Switch

Cat. no FX8BVS, Replacement Viewing Screen

Cat. no SFL1091, Replacement Projection Lamp, 300-watt

Cat. no FXMAG4, Magnets, pin-style, set of 4 each


Digital Forensic Evidence Examination Station

The Sirchie® Digital Forensic Evidence Examination Station, No. FXE350, makes evidence examination a far simpler task than ever before. It facilitates viewing small details with its moveable viewing table and fully adjustable magnification—up to 50X. The FXE350 features a wide range of color correction, brightness, and contrast on the oversize 22-inch LCD, high resolution (1680 x 1050 pixels) viewing screen. In short, the FXE350 opens many new doors for forensic examination of the many forms, shapes and sizes that physical evidence may take. Digital technology affords first generation sharp, clear, high-resolution images regardless of the subject matter. The forward-mounted camera is high above the table, so you have plenty of room to work with three-dimensional objects. This entire unit requires the use of a single 110-120V AC power receptacle (also available in 220V).

The FXE350 is the perfect tool for examining:

• Tools and toolmarks

• Fingerprint/palmprint record cards and latent prints

• Footprint evidence

• Trace evidence: hair, fibers, glass fragments, soil, etc.

• Documents: printed and handwritten

• And much more

The FXE350 is at home in virtually any size laboratory. It adds a New level of sophistication to the whole process of evidence examination and identification.


Cat. no FXE350, Digital Forensic Evidence Examination Station w/Video Capture Unit & Software

Cat. no FXE100, Acetate Sheets, 11.6” x 18.6” (29.5cm x 47.2cm), 10 each

Cat. no FXMAG4, Magnets, pin-style, set of 4 each


Video-Based Forensic Optical Comparator

SIRCHIE®’s Video-Based Optical Comparators permit the examination of a variety of items of forensic interest. The laboratory-grade focusing jacks permit viewing of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. The optics offer exceptional depth of field, even when viewing curved surfaces. The image splitter provides both vertical and horizontal split screens for evidence comparison. The unit also has the capability of superimposing one image over another. The FX10AC Video-Based Forensic Optical comparator utilizes two highresolution color video cameras for full-color video output to the included monitor or any computer with video capture capability. The FX10A Video- Based Optical Forensic Comparator utilizes two high-resolution black & white video cameras for video output to the included monitor or any computer with capture capability. Included with each unit is a high-resolution color monitor with a 15” screen. Unit has a VGA out port for connecting to a compatible monitor. Also available in 220V.


Cat. no FX10AC, Video-Based Forensic Optical Comparator w/14” Color Video

Cat. no FX10A, Video-Based Forensic Optical Comparator, w/14” B & W Video

Cat. no FXMAG4, Magnets, pin-style, set of 4 each