Identyfikacja śladów krwi

Chemiczne metody identyfikacji krwi

Wynaczynienie krwi może nastąpoć w związku z różnorodnymi rodzajami zdarzeń w tym najczęściej na miejscu rozboju lub zabójstwa. Krew ta może mieć postać plam i rozmazów koloru czerwonego, brunatnego a nawet zielonkawego (w zależności od czynników i podłoża na którym występuje). Często również występuje sytuacja, gdy ślady krwi są niewidoczne z powodu występowania na śladzie mikroskopijnej ilości cząsteczek krwi. Abystwierdzić czyw badanym śladzie występują cząsteczki krwi niezbędne jest zastosowanie odpowiednich środków reagujących z cząsteczkami krwi. Substancje te przedstawione są poniżej.


Blood Search, Identification & Enhancement

The advent of DNA technology has dramatically altered the approach of forensic scientists towards individualization of bloodstains found at the scene of a crime. The search for genetically controlled blood factors in bloodstains has been abandoned in favor of characterizing biological evidence by selected regions of our deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). This ability to individualize bloodstain evidence greatly enhances the significance that this type of evidence can have in a criminal investigation and the importance for the crime scene investigator to:


  • Luminol
  • Lumiscene


  • Phenolpthalein
  • Leuco-Malachite
  • Hemastix®
  • Hexagon Obti
  • RSID™ Test Kits


  • Acid Yellow
  • Amido Black
  • Coomassie Blue
  • Hungarian Red
  • Leuco Crystal Violet


  • Recognizing & Documenting Bloodstain Pattern Evidence Course
  • Blood Spatter Kit
  • Blood Spatter Documentation Kit
  • Bloodstain Evidence Template

Blood stain evidence.

In order for the investigator to conduct a thorough and comprehensive bloodstain evidence investigation, it is crucial for him/her to not only know how to proceed, but to have access to quality products, supplies and equipment that will ensure that their mission will be accomplished.



Lumino l Invisible Blood Reagent with Spray Head

Luminol is a chemiluminescent substance that can be used as a presumptive test for the presence of blood. Making use of the peroxidase-like activity of the heme portion of hemoglobin, Luminol produces a bluish-white light that can be viewed in total darkness. Invisible blood stains react with the Luminol reagent by luminescing—darkness is essential. A useful test for searching large areas for blood, especially if the area has been cleaned up.

Sensitivity:1:100,000. Solution mix with spray head bottles available in tyree sizes or choose reagent powder only (makes 8 each, 4 oz. solutions).


Cat. no LUMINOL4, Luminol Reagent with Spray Head, 4 oz. (118ml), 2 each

Cat. no LUMINOL8, Luminol Reagent with Spray Head, 8 oz. (236ml), 2 each

Cat. no LUMINOL16, Luminol Reagent with Spray Head, 16 oz. (473ml), 1 each

Cat. no LUMINOL4A8, Luminol Reagent Powder (only), makes 8 each, 4 oz. Solutions



Luminol reagent requires a darkened area for observation. This is the ideal reagent for “aged” or invisible blood stains. In fact, the older the stain, the brighter the reaction. Luminol is the most sensitive presumptive field test for blood (1:100,000). Set of six tests with contact paper.


Cat. no DCB300, Luminol DISCHAPS™ (Set of 6)


Luminol blood test belt Kit

Keep luminol ampoules nearby with this handy belt kit from SIRCHIE®. Great for use at crime scenes for preliminary blood testing. Kit includes supplies necessary for performing 3 tests.


Cat. no LUM300, Luminol Blood Test Belt Kit


LumaVison ™ Luminol Companion Illuminator Kits

Searching for trace blood evidence with Luminol requires the area being searched to be darkened. LumaVision™ uses RED light which sharpens Wight vision, allowing your eyes to adjust to the darkness. When the luminscence of suspected blood occurs with the application of Luminol, the user will see this process more readily. Once found, the next step is to photograph your suspected blood evidence. Set your tripod mounted camera over top of the luminescence, check the settings, turn off the LumaVision™, and take the required photos. The LumaVision™ features 6 powerful Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) driven by 3 AA-type alkaline batteries. The light offers bright, medium and low intensity settings as well as fast, medium and slow strobe effect. A seventh LED provides low power yellow light. A single set of batteries offers 10-12 hours of continuous light at the bright setting.


Cat. no LVL1000, LumaVision™ Master Kit

Cat. no LVL2000, LumaVision™ Basic Kit


BLUESTAR® Forensic Kit

New to Sirchie®'s line of Blood Search Reagents! The BLUESTAR® Forensic Kit affords the crime scene investigator a complete tool to determine the presence or absencje of blood.The extreme sensitivity of BLUESTAR® allows the detection of bloodstains down to 1:10,000 dilutions, including minute traces that have been washed off, with or without detergent. Unlike other blood reagents, total darkness is not required. Subsequent DNA Typing and ABO Typing is possibile because BLUESTAR® does not alter the DNA in suspect blood stains.


Cat. no FRA00001, BLUESTAR® Forensic Kit


BLUESTAR® Forensic Mini Kit

The BLUESTAR® Forensic Mini Kit was designed primarily for investigators searching limited areas or small objects for a quick verification of blood when a suspected crime scene is encountered. The Mini Kit is instantly ready - just add a pair of tablets to one of the bottles of distilled water. It's also more economical and practical for quick or limited investigations before the intervention of crime scene specialists. The Mini Kit provides two bottles for two independent investigations.


Cat. no FRA00002, BLUESTAR® Forensic Mini Kit


BLUESTAR® Forensic Tablets

The BLUESTAR® Forensic Tablets combination is a compact and multiuse product. Each product provides the investigator with the capability of preparing 4 - 4 Oz (125ml) BLUESTAR® Forensic Working Solutions, or 1 – 16 oz (500ml) Solution. Preparation is easy. Our 8 Application BLUESTAR® Forensic Test package is a very compact and lightweight multi-use tool.


Cat. no FRA00003, BLUESTAR® Forensic Tablets

Cat. no FRA00004, BLUESTAR® Forensic Tablets (8 Applications)


BLUESTAR® Forensic Magnum

BLUESTAR® Forensic Magnum is 3 times more powerful than the standard BLUESTAR® Forensic formulation and is specially formulated for the critical cases when searching for minute blond particles. It will detect even the microscopic droplets that have been projected onto an aggressor's clothing. The Magnum is also especially helpful in searching for blood on washed garments or other objects.


Cat. no FRA00005, BLUESTAR® Forensic Magnum


Hexagon Obti

This rapid screening test presumes that a bloodstain is of human origin and helps the Investigator to determine whether or not to collect a sample as evidence. A positive result indicates a strong likelihood that the bloodstain is indeed human, and a lab analysis will later confirm or deny that presumption. The Hexagon Obti test detects whole blood up to a dilution of 1:1,000,000. As few as 500 red cells are required for a positive result.


Cat. no FRA00006, Hexagon Obti - 24 Tests

Cat. no FRA00007, Hexagon Obti - 6 Tests


EcoSpray Refillable Micro Sprayer

EcoSpray is a small, fully self-contained micro-sprayer with a disposable gas pressure reservoir that applicates fluids with a perfect mist quality (fineness, even coating and distribution of particles). Its performance with BLUESTAR® Forensic Magnum is outstanding. Simply attach the disposable pressure reservoir to the EcoSpray body unit, fill and attach the liquid container with BLUESTAR® solution. Press the button to spray BLUESTAR® in a uniform mist. EcoSpray can be tilted down at a 45° angle or even more without losing performance, a true advantage when it comes to spraying horizontal objects or surfaces.


Cat. no ECSB01, EcoSpray Refillable Micro Sprayer

Cat. no ECSR02, EcoSpray Pressure Reservoir

Cat. no ECSC03, EcoSpray PETG Container w/cap, 4 oz. (125ml)

Cat. no ECSN04, EcoSpray Nozzle Set, 3 ea. (0,50 + 0,70 + 0,90 mm)


Lumiscene Advanced Latent Blood Search Solution

Lumiscene is designed to be the most efficient search method for latent blood at a crime scene. When there seems to be nothing, lumiscene can be utilized to detect minute traces of blood, allowing additional recovery of critical DNA and blood pattern evidence. Lumiscene is easy to use; add two activator tablets, mix and use. No measuring required. Lumiscene offers more luminescent results than luminol and contains the lowest percentage of peroxide chemistry available, protecting DNA from degradation during processing. Lumiscene is the best choice to find the most evidence and protect DNA integrity.


Cat. no LSCENE01, Lumiscene Advanced Latent Blood Search Solution, 500ml


CSair Forensic Air Compressor

As important as the choice of a blood search solution is the chosen application method. Irreversible damage to the original appearance of the bloodstain pattern as well as dilution of the sample can occur, making DNA testing difficult or impossible. CSAIR is the first compressor system specifically designed for the application of blood search solutions, such as Lumiscene. The CSAIR compressor produces continuous, contaminant-free air through the utilization of its unique carbon filter.


  • Minimum use of Lumiscene, reducing the risk of DNA dilution Or damage and blood pat tern distortion.
  • Continuous pressure and 32 ft. hose allow large areas to be screened for blood.
  • Quiet operation, enabling comfortable communication at the crime scene.
  • Both compressor and spray gun have stainless steel air path (no reaction with blood search solution and easy to clean).


Cat. no CSAIR01, CSAIR Forensic Air Compressor


Phenolphthalein Reagent

The key component of the Kastle Mayer reagent test, this premixed solution can be used In combination with ethanol and hydrogen peroxide in the laboratory as a confirmatory blood test. The solution requires no additional preparation.



This test is considered by many field technicians as being one of the most reliable presumptive tests for the presence of blood. With the use of this test, blood is detected by a pink stain in just a few seconds.The set contains six individual tests with contact paper and 10cc bottle of ethyl alcohol. Sensitivity: 1:500,000.


Cat. no DCB101, Phenolphthalein Reagent, 4 oz, (118ml)

Cat. no DCB100, Phenolphthalein DISCHAPS™ (Set of 6)


Phenolpthalein blond test belt Kit

This convenient belt kit keeps phenolpthalein ampoules handy for blood testing. Includes supplies needed for 3 tests.


Cat. no PHENOL100, Phenolpthalein Blood Test Belt Kit



An intense blue/green color reaction in 3 seconds is presumptive evidence that blood is present. Leuco-malachite green has long been a favorite of field investigators because of its high sensitivity (1:10,000). Set of six tests with contact paper.


Cat. no DCB200, Leuco-Malachite DISCHAPS™ (Set of 6)


Leuco-malachite blood test belt Kit

Our new belt kit keeps leuco-malachite ampoules handy for blood testing. Includes supplies needed for 3 tests.


Cat. no LEUCO200, Leuco-Malachite Blood Test Belt Kit



This is a field blood test kit combining the Tyree most efficient and effective reagents. The kit features Luminol, Leuco-malachite and Phenolphthalein packaged In DISCHAPS™ (disposable chemical applicators). This complete kit includes four DISCHAPS™ of each reagent, distilled water and contact test paper. Instructions and a color chart are mounted permanently in the kit.


Cat. no DCB400, Investigator’s Field Blood Test Kit



This kit contains all the essential equipment for presumptive blood testing in the lab or any field investigation situation. The advantage of using this kit is that all the included reagents are furnished in pre-measured quantities in the solid state and sealed in glass ampoules. This method of packaging permits the mixing of reagents in the field without measuring to give optimum concentration and sensitivity. All the necessary support equipment is included.


Cat. no MBT288, Master Field and Lab Blood Test Kit



In most violent crimes, a profusion of blood is usually a result. Blood prints can be found on the weapon, floor, furniture and victim. In many instances, blood prints are not visible due to background color or the weakness of the blood print itself. To render these latent blood prints visible, the BT001 offers an extremely sensitive method for detection and development of bloody prints on surfaces like plastic, wood, coated papers, metal and glass. Latent blond prints developed through the utilization of these reagents are very clear and chemically stable.


Cat. no BT001, Latent Blood Detection Kit


Hemastix® Blood ID Reagent Strips

Hemastix® are 3” plastic strip with a special blood reagent material at the tip. The strip detect the peroxide-like activity of hemoglobin in a substance. Simply rub the Hemastix on a moistened stain or across a swab that has a suspected dried blood sample on it. The reagent coated tip will turn a shade of green if hemoglobin is detected. Compare the color reaction to the chart on the side of the bottle to determine the level of hemoglobin in the sample. If the reaction is positive, take a photograph of the strip by the substance to document the reaction and retain the strip as evidence. Please note: Expired Hemastix® will generally still react to the presence of blood, but should only be used for training purposes. Also, Hemastix® will not detect the difference between human and animal blood.


Cat. no HEM50, Hemastix® Blood ID Reagent Strips, 50 strips


RSID™ Blood Detection Field Test Kit

This presumptive test for blood is great to use in the field as a confirmatory test for human blood. The test is specific for human Glycophorin A Antigen and no cross reaction has been observed with human saliva, semen, urine, breast milk, or amniotic fluid. Strip test results are complete in 10 minutes. Each kit includes 10 test units and protocol.


Cat. no IDBL100, RSID™ Blood Detection Field Test Kit, 10 tests/box


Aqueous Leuco Crystal Violet

Aqueous Leuco Crystal Violet is a highly sensitive, presumptive test for the presence of blood. This compound is ideal for developing visible and invisible blood traces, fingerprints and footprints on virtually any surface. This kit contains the materials needed to prepare a 500ml working solution.


Cat. no LV509, Aqueous Leuco Crystal Violet Kit


Amido Black

Enhances latent prints contaminated with blond on porous and non-porous surfaces with a blue-black stain, but will not develop a normal perspiration-based print. Gather physiological samples and conduct All fingerprint development methods prior to use. Sensitive to proteins found in blond and some other body fluids.


Cat. no LV501, Amido Black, 25g

Cat. no LV5011, Amido Black, 100g


Amido Black Spray

Amido Black (Naphthol Blue-Black) is a dye that is highly sensitive to the protein compounds found In blood. Previously only offered in powder form, this new solution simplifies the use of this reagent at crime scenes and is the perfect choice when attempting to recover weak or practically invisible shoeprint or latent fingerprint impressions. Amido Black may be used on porous and non-porous surfaces. The reaction product is a strong blue/black color, and it is best suited for use on light-colored surfa ces permitting good visual contrast. Amido Black Solution is now supplied in a pump spray eliminating any advance preparation prior to use AT the crime scene. When stored at room temperatures, the solution offers a shelf-life of up to one year. While Amido Black is non-flammable, it is corrosive and will stain many surfaces.


Cat. no LV501L, Amido Black Spray, 8 oz. Bottle


Coomassie Blue

Enhances latent prints contaminated with blond on porous and non-porous surfaces, but will not develop a normal perspiration-based print. Application can be repeated until maximum kontrast is achieved. Gather physiological samples and conduct all fingerprint development methods prior to use. Sensitive to proteins found in blood.


Cat. no LV512, Coomassie Blue, 25g


Hungarian Red

This is an aqueous solution for staining impressions found in blood. Much safer than other staining compounds due to its water-based formula. Lifted traces and weak traces on dark or confusing backgrounds fluoresce under a green alternate light source (520-560nm). Use on porous and non-porous surfaces.


Cat. no LV503, Hungarian Red, 100ml

Cat. no LV5031, Hungarian Red, 500ml


Acid Yellow 7 Bloodstain Enhancement Reagent Solution

Acid Yellow 7 is a protein-reacting reagent used for latent fingerprints and footprints made in blood. Prints or patterns in blood are stained with the solution, chich is then visible under 455nm light and an orange filter. It is best used to eliminate dark or patterned backgrounds where other enhancement stains are not practical. It works very well on non-porous surfaces like linoleum, glass, tiles, painted surfaces, or PVC floor covering.


Cat. no LV517L, Acid Yellow 7 Solution, 8 oz. Bottle


Blood Fixative

Before enhancing blood prints using Amido Black or Rother common stains, the blood should be dry, and the blond should be fixed. The fixation of blood is done to prezent disruption or running of the blood during enhancement. Solution of 5-sulfosalicylic acid.


Cat. no LV513, Blood Fixative, 8 oz. Bottle


Blood Spatter Kit

There are several tools that can be used for blond spatter analysis. SIRCHIE®'s Blood Spatter Kit contains several of these components. The convenient carrying case stores and easily dispenses four brightly colored twines: green, pink, orange, and yellow. Each roll is 18 gauge twisted nylon twine and 275 ft. (84m) long. Take the twine out of its holding slot and pull out the desired length. Insert the twine back into the holding slot and cut. Twine can be attached to any surface using wax clips. Wax clips are removable and reusable.


Cat. no BSK500, Blood Spatter Kit

Cat. no KCP261, Green Twisted Nylon Twine, 275 ft. (84m)

Cat. no KCP262, Pink Twisted Nylon Twine, 275 ft. (84m)

Cat. no KCP263, Orange Twisted Nylon Twine, 275 ft. (84m)

Cat. no KCP264, Yellow Twisted Nylon Twine, 275 ft. (84m)

Cat. no KCP265, Wax Clips, 10 each

Cat. no LTF113, Optional Reflective Yarn, 275 ft. (84 m)


Blood Spatter Documentation Kit

This versatile blood spatter documentation kit was originally developed as a support for our Bloodstain Pattern Documentation 4 day training course. The kit is ideal for investigators in the field who need a comprehensive adaptable measuring kit to assist in documenting blood spatter on site.


Cat. no BSDOCK100, Blood Spatter Documentation Kit


Bloodstain /evidence template

When it isn’t possible or practical to analyze blood stains at the crime scene, this handy template permits you to record the evidence in a format acceptable in most jurisdictions. The template is printed on pressuresensitive, removable adhesive stock that will hold fast to walls, floors and ceilings. Each template is die-cut and features a preprinted scale and information blanks. One model documents blood spatters, bullet holes, tool marks and many rother kinds of physical evidence (10cm x 10cm).


Cat. no BST1, Blood Stain/Evidence Template, Pack of 15


Spatter blood

For the purposes of teaching blood spatter pat tern documentation and analysis without the hazards of human or animal blood, spatter blood was developer to have the same physical characteristics as human blood, such as viscosity, surface tension and color. Utilize this blood when creating spatter patterns for mock crime scenes or detailed teaching tools for documentation or analysis.


Cat. no SPAB8, Spatter Blood, 8 oz. Bottle


Synthetic Blood

When conducting experiments using blood serach (luminol) or blood confirmation testing (Kastle-Meyer), synthetic blood can be used as a clean non-hazardous alternative to actual human or animal blood. Formulated with ingredients to mimic human blood, its reactions are similar to actual blood and therefore yield authentic results.


Cat. no SYNB8, Synthetic Blood, 8 oz. Bottle