DNA i ślady przestępstw seksualnych

Zabezpieczanie śladów zgwałceń, DNA i krwi

Niektóre typy zdarzeń wymagają zabezpieczania śladów biologicznych w celu poddania ich dalszym badaniom prowadzących do identyfikacji sprawcy. Zabezpieczenie tych śladów ze względu na ich specyfikę, wymaga stosowania odpowiednich materiałów i metod zapobiegających degradacji zabezpieczonego materiału oraz zapobiegających kontaminacji obcym materiałem genetycznym. Zachowanie szczególnej staranności wymaga zabezpieczona do bada© sperma, krew i inne rodzaje materiału biologicznego. degradacji Utrzymanie wysokich standardów podczas zabezpieczania materiału biologicznego umożliwia umioiżliwiają opisane niżej zestawy.

Forensic Evidence Collection

SIRCHIE® offers a wide variety of Forensic Evidence Collection Kits to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, medical facilities and private laboratories. Kits are manufactured to provide:

  • High quality
  • Functionality
  • Variety
  • Value

Our kits are designed to standardize collection and identification of specimens for laboratory analysis. Our clean area* facility procedures assure the integrity and accuracy of every kit we produce. SIRCHIE provides Forensic Evidence Collection Kits for the following types of

evidence specimens:

  • Sexual Assault Evidence
  • DNA Evidence
  • Blood Specimen Collection
  • Blood Alcohol Evidence Collection

Check with the lab performing your agency’s analysis to determine chich kit best suits your needs. SIRCHIE specializes in producing customized Forensic Evidence Collection Kits. Agencies are encouraged to submit their requirements for quotation.

* Manufacturing area complies with current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) as defined by FDA 21 CFR part 820.




Following the Texas Attorney General’s Evidence Collection Protocol, SIRCHIE® created a sexual assault evidence collection kit to meet their specs. The TX100 has been so popular, it is now offered to all agencies.


Cat. no TX100, Southwestern Sexual Assault Kit



The most comprehensive sexual assault victim evidence collection kit, the VEC100 incorporates all the essential items necessary to conduct a thorough collection and preservation of all pertinent evidentiary specimens. Detailed instructions allow hospital personnel to systematically, logically and Simple collect physiological samples.


Cat. no VEC100, Sexual Assault Victim Kit



SIRCHIE®’s sex crimes investigation kit offers a comprehensive collection package for sex-related cases. This kit contains all the materials necessary for a complete, thorough and professional investigation regardless of the type of crime—rape, sodomy or carnal abuse. The CC100 meets two vital concerns of evidence collection: Proper evidence collection materials and preservation of the evidence once it is collected.


Cat. no CC100, Sex Crimes Kit



Systematically collect and preserve vital evidence with the SEC100 suspect kit from SIRCHIE. The step-by-step organization simplifies the collection procedure, prevents errors and ensures that integrity and quality are maintained throughout the evidence-gathering process. This kit provides the means to determine culpability or innocence by linking the perpetrator and victim physiologically. All necessary components for a complete and thorough processing of the suspect are included.


Cat. no SEC100, Suspect Kit



Avoid cross-contamination of swabs after sample collection through the use of applicator shields. Mark appropriate item on swab box to indicate type of specimen. Initial and date each biohazard seal and then seal each end of the swab box to provide appropriate labeling and specimen integrity. Swabs are individually sterilized. Kit includes supplies for 20 specimen collections.


Cat. no US100, Uni-Swab Kit



With SIRCHIE®’s Buccal Swab Kit, non-medical personnel can collect a buccal cell sample for DNA testing by swabbing the inside of the subject’s cheek. Swabs are then placed inside the provided envelope and forwarded to laboratory for analysis.


Cat. no BSK100, Buccal Swab Kit

Cat. no BSK100, Volume discount when ordering



This kit allows non-medical personnel to collect a blood sample for DNA testing by Simple pricking the subject’s finger and squeezing a small amount of blood onto the card provided. The kit is then sealed and sent to the laboratory for analysis.


Cat. no DNA50, Fingerstick DNA Collection Kit

Cat. no DNA50,Volume discount when ordering 25 or more



The possibility of confirming an individual’s identity by DNA matching makes the collection of cellular material left at the crime scene mandatory. Each scene presents its own problems and unless the investigator is prepared to collect any and all potential sources of DNA, valuable evidence may be lost. The most frequent forms of forensic evidence available for testing DNA fund at the crime scene are: fresh blood, semen, hair roots and clothing stained by physiological fluid.


Cat. no DNA100, Crime Scene DNA Kit



This kit is designed for use by medical personnel to aid in the collection of a whole blood sample for DNA testing. Includes the items necessary to collect, document, preserve and mail the sample to the laboratory.


Cat. no BSC50, Suspect Blood Specimen Collection Kit

Cat. no BSC50, Volume discount when ordering 25 or more



This kit contains all the necessary components for taking blood samples and urine collection for substance abuse testing. Follow the enclosed step-bystep instructions and fill out all documentation. Package the specimens for analysis using the enclosed plastic bag with absorbent material and protective pouches. Seal inside the crush resistant white container and deliver to the laboratory.


Cat. no BUK200, Blood/Urine Specimen Collection Kit

Cat. no BUK200, Volume discount when ordering 10 or more



This is a comprehensive blood alcohol collection kit designed to provide for the safe and efficient collection, handling and mailing of blood specimens. The kit features step-by-step instructions, individually protected blood tubes and a U.S. Postal Service-approved tube mailer.


Cat. no BSC100, Blood Alcohol Kit



The BUK100 kit offers the same safety and efficiency of the blood alkohol collection kit with added ability of collecting a urine specimen. It is an ideal kit for departments with multi-sample requirements and includes a U.S. Postal Service-approved mailer.


Cat. no BUK100, Blood Alcohol/Urine Specimen Kit



This kit can be used for the collection of wet or dry specimens found at the crime scene. Kit includes swabs, distilled water, zip top bags and glassine envelopes to aid in the collection and preservation of various types of specimens.


Cat. no SCK100, Specimen Collection Kit



The TEC100 is specifically designed for the collection of dry trace evidence found at the crime scene. The kit includes plastic zip top bags, paper envelopes and 1 oz. metal collection containers for collection and preservation of a variety of trace evidence.


Cat. no TEC100, Trace Evidence Collection Kit


DNA Specimen Collection Belt Kit

Keep supplies close at hand with this handy kit that clips directly onto your belt. It contains everything you'll need for DNA Specimen Collection.


Cat. no DNA15, DNA Specimen Collection Belt Kit


Evidence Collection Belt Kit

Keep evidence collection supplies close at hand with this handy kit that clips directly onto your belt.


Cat. no EC100, Evidence Collection Belt Kit


DNA/Biological Evidence Collection Kit

The analysis of DNA is similar to fingerprints in trying to determine a match. With enough identifying features, DNA can either link or eliminate a suspect from a crime as well as link crime scenes together. The most frequent forms of DNA found at the crime scene are: blood, semen, hair, saliva, skin cells, mucous, perspiration, urine, fingernails, etc. The more that is known on how to use and collect DNA, the more powerful a tool it becomes.


Cat. no DNA200, DNA/Biological Evidence Collection Kit


Sterile Cotton Applicator Swabs and Swab Boxes

Sterile Cotton Applicator Swabs, packaged two per sterile envelope, are ideal in collection of trace liquid evidence such as blood and other bodily fluids. After the sample has been taken, place in one of two swab boxes offered for your convenience—preprinted or plain to allow agencies to mark directly on the box. The plain box has a pre-cut drying hole.


Cat. no KCP160C, Sterile Cotton Applicator Swabs, 2/pk, 100 packs

Cat. no KCP160M, Sterile Cotton Applicator Swabs, 2/pk, 1000 packs

Cat. no KCP208C, Sterile Cotton Applicator Swabs, 3”, 2/pk, 100 packs

Cat. no CC1094C, Preprinted Swab Boxes, 100 each

Cat. no CC1094M, Preprinted Swab Boxes, 1000 each

Cat. no KCP196C, Plain Swab Boxes, 100 each

Cat. no KCP196M, Plain Swab Boxes, 1000 each

Cat. no KCP307C, Plain Swab Boxes, 3”, 100 each


Fab-Swab DNA Collection Applicator

This DNA controlled absorbent cotton tipped applicator is produced with High Quality USP grade cotton which is carded and coiled onsite to maintain consistency. It is bonded securely to a polystyrene handle. The convenient, reclosable, dry transport device is designed for reliable sample and evidence collection. The patented tube design entails a breathable filter label that covers holes to prohibit mold growth during transport. ID labels are included.


Cat. no FSWAB50, Fab-Swab DNA Collection Applicator, 5” (127mm), 50 each


Cap-Shure™ Sterile Forensic Evidence Collection Swabs

These new swabs are a uniquely crafted method for collection of small quantities of very fragile evidence. Whether it's blood, saliva, latent print residue or other physiological fluids, Cap-Shure™ Swabs ensure the integrity of the samples. Each sterile swab is equipped with a highly absorbent, sterile cotton tip that is protected by a contaminant-free plastic tip protector. To use Cap-Shure™ Swabs, simply open the tip protector cap and slide it down. Swab the Otton tip on the surface in question and slide the cover back in place, snapping it closed. These ventilated caps permit normal air drying.


Cat. no CP100, Cap-Shure™ Sterile Swabs w/Tip Protector, 100 each

Cat. no CP500, Cap-Shure™ Sterile Swabs w/Tip Protector, 500 each

Cat. no KCP254C, Vented Swab Boxes, blank, .75” x .75” x 6.25”, 100 each

Cat. no KCP254C, Volume discount when ordering 5 units (500 each) or more


Applicator Shields

To prevent cross contamination of swabs after sample collection, as well as during shipment to the laboratory, use these sturdy polyethylene Applicator Shields.


Sterile Round Foam-Tipped Applicators

Oversized, highly absorbent foam-tipped swabs ideal for collecting liquid blood or other physiological fluids. Increased surface area permits collection of much larger samples than commonly used cotton tipped swabs.


Cat. no AS24, Applicator Shields, 24 each

Cat. no FTS50, Sterile Round Foam-Tipped Applicators, 50 each


Sterile Omni-Swabs

The Sterile Omni Swab’s unique design uses an absorbent multi-layered paper collection head and a non-reactive material that allows efficient DNA extraction for analysis. One of the features of the Omni Swab is an ejectable head that fits into an extraction tube after the collection of cells. The use of an Omni Swab also presents a non-invasive method of collection. When property used, Omni Swabs are efficient, sterile, highly effective, easily transported collection devices for DNA.


Cuticle Stick

These double-beveled, contaminant-free cuticle sticks are ideal for evidence collection. They’re manufactured in a controlled environment and individually wrapped to minimize contact during production. Cuticle sticks come in packs of 125 and are transparently packaged.


Cat. no SOS100, Sterile Omni-Swabs, 100 each

Cat. no CSTICK125, Cuticle Stick, 7” x 5/32”, 125 each


Trace DNA Swabs

Trace DNA swabs contain an isopropyl alcohol solution in the handle to rehydrate dried DNA samples for collection. Self-contained hydration fluid eliminates cross-contamination. Simply squeeze the handle to saturate the foam tip. Complete instructions on each box. Not for use on blood samples.


Swab Drying Rack

Use the Swab Drying Rack to reduce the risk of cross contamination Chile applicators are drying. It is constructed from 20 mil (0.020") thick board material with a built-in inner board shelf that holds up to 12 applicators upright and straight. It is preprinted with body orifice descriptions to keep track of which applicators are from which body orifice. The Swab Drying Rack can also be used to air dry swabs from any type of specimen collection. Once swabs are dry, use SIRCHIE®'s No. AS24 Applicator Shields and CC1094C Or KCP196C Swab Boxes for storage.


Cat. no KCP319, Trace DNA Swabs, 40 each

Cat. no SDR100C, Swab Drying Rack, 100 each


Sterile water

Pre-moisten applicator swabs when collecting dry specimens with this disposable 3ml vial of sterile water with a twist-off top. Avoid over-saturating the swabs.

Distilled water

Use this 1 oz. dropper bottle of distilled water to pre-moisten applicator swabs when collecting dry specimens. Avoid over-saturating the swabs.

Gray stopper blood collection tube

Gray stopper blood collection tube, 10 ml, 16 x 100mm with no interior coating contains 20mg potassium oxalate and 100mg sodium fluoride. Paper label. Pack of 100.

Lavendar stopper blood collection tube

Lavendar stopper blood collection tube, 7 ml, 13 x 100mm contains K3 EDTA 15% solution, 0.081 ml, 12.15 mg. Paper label. Pack of 100.

Red stopper blood collection tube

Red stopper blood collection tube, 10 ml, 16 x 100mm silicone coated. Paper label. Pack of 100.


Cat. no KCP247C, Sterile Water, 3ml vial, 100 each

Cat. no DNA1009, Distilled Water, 1 oz. bottle, 1 each

Cat. no KCP176C, Gray Stopper Blood Collection Tube, 10 ml, 100 each

Cat. no KCP122C, Lavendar Stopper Blood Collection Tube, 7 ml, 100 each

Cat. no CC110C, Red Stopper Blood Collection Tube, 10 ml, 100 each