Komory do ujawniania śladów daktyloskopijnych


Disposable Fuming Chambers – komory do ujawniania cyjanoakrylanami, ninhydryną, 1,2 Ind, DFO i jodem



This disposable fuming chamber features a simple 2-piece Frome assembly of fiberglass construction. It features true heavy-duty shock-cord design which allows self-assembly In seconds with a light shake. The Frome is then fitted into a sturdy 11 5/8” x 11 5/8” base, creating the Framework for the preprinted disposable fuming bag. A 10” x 10” x 20” (25.4cm x 25.4cm x 50.8cm) box-shaped fuming area is created when Fuldy assembled. Crystal-clear fuming bags allow constant monitoring of the fuming process and eliminate messy cleanup.

Volume of fuming area is: 8.6 gallons (32.7L).


Cat. no FR175FG, SHAKE-N-FUME™ w/Fiberglass frame

Cat. no FR175B, Disposable Preprinted Fuming Bags, 25 ea.



The FA100 is a disposable fuming chamber for use in the field or laboratory that provides an enclosed space for fuming with our CYANOWAND™, THE FINDER™ packets or OMEGAPRINT ™ compounds. The clear PVC fuming chamber is 0.012” thick. Only the fuming chamber and end caps are disposable Chile the fuming assistant stand has an unlimited life.

Chamber Volume: 1276 cubic inches; 5.5 gallons (20.8L)


Cat. no FA100, Disposable Fuming Chamber Kit

Cat. no FA103, Disposable Fuming Chambers w/end caps, 3 ea.

Cat. no FA101, Universal Fuming Assistant Stand



Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers



The FR100 features a 1.2 cubic-foot volume for handling multiple articles. The glass enclosure allows for monitoring of the development process. The 1/4” thick clear Plexiglas™ lid, with two built-in evidence support rods and six evidence clips, fits snugly to prevent leaking of fumes into the work area. The unit has a port compatible with both the PUM100A Humidifier and the SCW100 CYANOWAND™. THE Finder™ packets, a wire mesh fuming platform, Omega-Print™ dispersal pads and Omega-Print™ disposable fuming trays are included with this chamber.


Cat. no FR100, Cyanoacrylate Laboratory Fuming Chamber Kit


Portable Fuming Chamber KIT

The CNA990 portable fuming chamber is a cyanoacrylate development chamber designed with field use in mind. Constructed of shatter-resistant 1/4” Plexiglas™, the unit is made to disassemble into flat sheets and fit into a tough, nylon carrying case. Total portability means easy, at-thecrime- scene usage. The chamber is easily assembled in less than five minutes. The chamber volume is approximately 16 gallons—sufficient for processing multiple items. Transparent walls mean easy monitoring of development. The chamber features an inlet compatible with the PUM100A Humidifier and SCW100 CYANOWAND™, a removable inner shelf and multiple evidence hangers. The No. CNA900 portable fuming chamber kit includes a starter assortment of consumables, including THE Finder™ cyanoacrylate packets, magnetic and regular latent print powders, a magnetic wand, and a fiberglass brush.


Cat. no CNA900, Portable Fuming Chamber Kit

Cat. no CNA990, Portable Fuming Chamber Only


Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber

This chamber features 4.0 cu. ft. (0.11 cu. meters) of volume for processing a large number of items at once. Two heating elements, operating independently or simultaneously, allow for safe cyanoacrylate fuming with a surface temperature of approximately 230OF (110OC). Closely monitor latent print development through the clear, polycarbonate front door panel. By utilizing the built-in control print hanger, the guesswork is taken out of fuming time! NOTE: Overdeveloped prints lose detail, hindering enhancement techniques—it's always better to underdevelop.

One of the most outstanding features is the two inlet ports—use the top port for fuming with the Cyanowand ™ (No. SCW101) and adding moisture as required with the No. PUM100A Humidifier; the lower port is designed for extracting fumes with the No. FR300 DeFumigator™ after processing.

NOTE: If your department processes a large number of latent prints with cyanoacrylate, use Omega -Print ™ Fingerprint Developer (No. CNA103) and the Disposable Fuming Trays (No. CNA106).

In order to prevent the buildup of cyanoacrylate on the polycarbonate surfaces of your new fuming chamber, use the CNA110 CYANO-BLOC™ treatment pads before initial fuming.


Cat. no FR200, Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber (110V AC)

Cat. no FR200220, Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber (220V AC)

Cat. no FR201, Fuming Control Cards, 2.25” x 4” (50 cards per book)

Cat. no CNA2000, The Finder™ Cyanoacrylate Packets, 5 ea.

Cat. no CNA110, Cyano-Bloc Pretreatment Pads, Pack of 5


Laboratory Fuming Chamber

The FR600 Laboratory Fuming Chamber features increased size over our Rother fuming chambers—a full 6.5 cu. ft. (0.18 cu. meters), and it offers three levels of evidence support rods for processing more individual items of evidence than ever before. The chamber is equipped with three heating elements that produce surface temperatures of approximately 230OF (110OC). The clear, polycarbonate door permits a full view of all items in the chamber. A built-in control print hanger takes the guesswork out of development time.

Note : Over-developed prints lose detail hindering enhancement techniques. It’s always better to underdevelop prints.

The chamber features an inlet andoutlet port, one on either side permitting the use of accessories such as the Cyano Wand™ and connection of the DeFumigator™ shown on the next page. The inlet port also allows connection of the PUM100A Humidifier. Most cyanoacrylate fuming materials may be used including: Liquid Omega- Print™ Compound (used with fuming trays), The FINDER™ Cyanoacrylate Packets, Cyano -Shot ™, and the Cyano Wand™ Fuming Generator. To prevent white buildup on the polycarbonate door from cyanoacrylate fumes, use the CNA110 CYANO-BLOC™ treatment pads before initial fuming.


Cat. no FR600, Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber (110V AC)

Cat. no FR600220, Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber (220V AC)

Cat. no FR201, Fuming Control Cards, 2.25” x 4” (50 cards per book)

Cat. no CNA110, Cyano-Bloc Pretreatment Pads, Pack of 5


The defumigator™ Cyanoacrylate Fume Extractor

When your cyanoacrylate fuming cycle is complete, what are you doing about the fumes that remain in the fuming chamber? If you are fortunate enough to have a ductless, ducted or recirculating fuming hood, and if your Laboratory Fuming Chamber fits under the hood, the problem of how to get rid of the fumes before examining the evidence is easily solved. If not, then SIRCHIE’s DeFumigator™ is the answer!

The DeFumigator™ is a self-contained cyanoacrylate filtration system that connects directly to No. FR100, FR200, and CNA900 fuming chambers*. The noxious odors and fumes inside the chamber are drawn through a >99% efficient filtering system comprised of a HEPA Filter (No. FR301) and a Bonded Carbon-Activated

Filter (No. FR302). East turn screws permit quick, easy access to the filter compartment. The DeFumigator™ is equipped with a built-in timer with preset for 5 minutes as well as a continuous running position. Hookup is Simple with no tools required. It attaches to fuming chambers with a 24 inch, flexible hose.


Cat. no FR300N, DeFumigator™ (110V AC)

Cat. no FR300N220, DeFumigator™ (220V AC)

Cat. no FR301, HEPA Filter Replacement

Cat. no FR302, Bonded Carbon-Activated Filter Replacement


Portable Humidifier

Humidity is often used to enhance and accelerate latent print development. The addition of humidity in the processing of Ninhydrin treated documents is common place, based on research done by Morris and Goode at the Great Britain Police Research Branch in the 1970’s. Humidity is also a key component in processing for latent prints using cyanoacrylate (superglue) fuming techniques. The PUM100A provides a controlled method of

introducing moisture to both of these processes. The humidifier can be used in conjunction with cyanoacrylate fuming chambers such as the FR100, FR200, FR600 and CNA900 and also for humidifying documents processed with Ninhydrin, by using the included hose nozzle attachment or connecting to the 214CA Development Chamber. The PUM100A has the addend advantage of containing a germicidal bulb, which prevents bacteria and Rother contaminants from being applied to evidence. Read all included instructions before attempting to operate your humidifier. A 220V AC version is available with Cat. No. PUM100A220.


Cat. no PUM100A, SEARCH Portable Humidifier (110V AC)

Cat. no PUM100A220, SEARCH Portable Humidifier (220V AC)


Laboratory Type Fuming Cabinet and Heat Chamber

The 214CA offers the advantages of an environmentally sealed chamber for the processing of fingerprints with Ninhydrin and Iodine. Because the chamber is constructed of fiberglass, it is not subject to the severe corrosive effects of iodine fumes. All parts internal to the chamber are stainless steel. Upper and lower ports allow for the connection of an exhaust system. The unit’s silicone-encapsulated heater is self-limited to surface temperatures of no more than 450O F to prevent the possibility of the formation of cyanide gases during glue fuming. A programmable digital temperature contro ller controls chamber temperature. Optimum Ninhydrin processing temperature and iodine fuming settings are available via front panel switches. Processing can be monitored through a large acrylic front panel. Chambers are supplied with three (3) document hanging rods, six (6) document clips, Ninhydrin Spray, Ninhydrin Fixative, Iodine Crystal Ampoules, Iodine Print Enhancers, Disposable Fuming Trays, a watch glass and complete instructions.


Cat. no 214CA, Laboratory Type Fuming Cabinet & Heat Chamber (110V AC)

Cat. no 214CA220, Laboratory Type Fuming Cabinet & Heat Chamber (220V AC)


DFO and Ninhydrin Development Control Chambers

These units are specifically designed for the development of DFO treated latent prints. DFO is a fluorescent agent that attaches to fingerprint residues on paper and other porous surfaces, causing them to fluoresce when viewed under blue light. DFO processing can be repeated several times to enhance development.

DFO treated prints will slowly develop unaided, but research shows that they can be accelerated safely and significantly by the judicious application of heat. The DFC100 and DFC200 conform to the findings of current research by independent forensic investigators and laboratories to provide an optimum acceleration environment.

The chambers feature solid-state, single set point temperature controllers with digital readouts. Temperature is pre-set for optimum DFO development and can be easily adjusted to individual needs. Efficient, high temperature insulation surrounds the oven chambers. The chamber also features an automatic cutoff at 220OF (104OC) reducing the possibility of damage to sensitive papers.

For efficiency, chambers are designed to allow for the hanging of multiple documents and for items not easily hung, insertable shelves are provided. Optically clear, double-pane, tempered glass doors allow monitoring of development without disturbing the chamber's controlled atmosphere. The most accurate judgement of DFO development is accomplished Rusing fluorescence techniques. Its broad excitation band requires that DFO treated prints be excited with blue light such as a BLUEMAXX™ system and can be viewed through its barrier filter.


Cat. no DFC100, DFO and Ninhydrin Development Control Chamber (110V AC)

Cat. no DFC100220, DFO and Ninhydrin Development Control Chamber (220V AC)

Cat. no DFC200, DFO and Ninhydrin Development Control Chamber (110V AC)

Cat. no DFC200220, DFO and Ninhydrin Development Control Chamber (220V AC)


Cyanovac I Laboratory Fuming Chamber Outfit

Now it’s possible to glue-fume large and unwieldy items such as wrinkled plastic bags and the like. In the past, cyanoacrylate chamber fuming required that such items be completely unfolded to a flat state. Even then, over- and under-fuming was a very real possibility. Some portions might have been over-fumed while other portions may not have been fumed adequately enough. Latent fingerprints fumed within a vacuum have been found to collect glue deposits on the fingerprint ridge structures in a far more even manner than non-vacuum-fumed items. Over-fuming is, for the most part, eliminated. In addition, the glue is distributed far more evenly throughout the vacuum chamber, allowing the fumes to readily travel around corners and in and out of recesses of the item(s) being processed. In other words, it is possible to achieve well-distributed fingerprint development throughout the inside of a vacuum chamber. This state-of-the-art vacuum chamber outfit is designed and built specifically for the fuming of crime scene objects of various shapes and sizes. The chamber interior is a generous 16" (40.6cm) long with a 10" (25.4cm) diameter. The heavy, 0.365" (.9cm) aluminum walls ensure structural integrity Chile being used. It features a heavy-duty, diaphragm-type pump (No. VAC50) controlled by a precision vacuum switch. For dual tank operation, use the No. VAC52 Optional Connector Kit. The operation and use of the VAC150 is both straightforward and simple. The clear polycarbonate lid allows visual monitoring of the fuming process.


Cat. no VAC150, CYANOVAC I Fuming Chamber (110V AC)

Cat. no VAC150220, CYANOVAC I Fuming Chamber (220V AC)

Cat. no VAC52, Dual Tank Connector Kit



CYANOVAC II’s chamber was designed for, but not limited to, fuming rifles and shotguns under controlled conditions. Glue-fuming under vacuum improves latent fingerprint development in etery way. It is not only faster, but the fumes are distributed far more evenly. Overfuming is practically eliminated under vacuum. Fumes travel into crevices and around corners much more readily. Although the size of this chamber was engineered to accommodate rifles, it can be used to fume literally anything that will fit, even items that are wrinkled and creased, such as plastic garbage bags. Constructed with heavy, 1/4” aluminum walls, the No. VAC250 is engineered to easily withstand years of demanding service. It is supplied with a matched, heavy-duty, diaphragm-type vacuum pump, release Valle and gauge. This is a complete system—all that is needed is the glue and the suspect item!


Cat. no VAC250, CYANOVAC II Fuming Chamber (110V AC)

Cat. no VAC250220, CYANOVAC II Fuming Chamber (220V AC)



The VAC350 consists of the VAC100 and VAC200 Vacuum Chambers and a single VAC50 Vacuum Pump. Included with this outfit is the No. VAC52 Dual Tank Connector Kit which contains all the necessary hoses, valves and connections to permit either tank to be operated from a single vacuum pump.


Cat. no VAC350, CYANOVAC III Combo Chamber (110V AC)

Cat. no VAC350220, CYANOVAC III Combo Chamber (220V AC)