Proszki i pędzle


Volcano Latent Print Powders - niemagnetyczne proszki daktyloskopijne zwykłe, bichromatyczne i fluorescencyjne


Silk Black “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Print Powder

Our most popular of our Oxide latent powders, Silk Black features micromilling to assure the finest quality, and is one of the most versatile powders available. Sirchie has followed this same formulation for more than sixty years, which attests to its popularity. Use Silk Black on non-porous surfaces such as: painted wood, metal, and most plastic surfaces. This powder offers superior contrast on light-colored surfaces.


Cat no 101L, Silk Black “Hi-Fi” Powder,


Silk Gray “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Print Powder

Excellent for processing both light and dark surfaces, Silk Gray features the same micro-milling manufacturing process as Silk Black, but it offers the flexibility of a multi-use means of developing latent prints on many nonporous surfaces. Silk Gray offers super sensitivity to minute skin secretions and its consistent quality produces consistent results.


Cat no 102L, Silk Gray “Hi-Fi” Powder,


Indestructible white “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Print Powder

Indestructible White is the whitest of white powders available from any source. Its consistent quality and texture assure the best possible results on dark, nonporous surfaces. Micro-milled to perfection, Indestructible White has a superior affinity to the weakest of skin secretions.


Cat no 103L, Indestructible White “Hi-Fi” Powder,


Brilliant Red “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Print Powder

Brilliant Red features an incredibly unique formulation for use on non-porous surfaces—any surface where Oxide powders are recommended. It offers the brightest contrast of any of the oxide powders on both light and dark surfaces. Like the other Oxide powders, Brilliant Red is also micro-milled to perfection delivering superior sensitivity and adherence to many non-porous surfaces.


Cat no 104L, Brilliant Red “Hi-Fi” Powder, 


Silver Metallic “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Print Powder

Highly polished and plated surfaces such as silver, nickel and chrome surfa ces require a different approach when dusting for latent prints. Sirchie’s metal lic powders are specially formulated to address the problem of slippery surfa ces by offering high sensitivity and adherence. They do so without damaging fragile latent prints. Silver Metallic provides superb contrast on dark surfaces.


Cat no 105L, Silver Metallic “Hi-Fi” Powder, 



Gold Metallic “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Print Powder

Gold Metallic offers good photographic contrast on light surfaces and very good contrast on dark objects. Sirchie uses only the finest metals in its metallic powders and Gold Metallic is no exception. When working on highly polished or plated surfaces, sensitivity and adherence to the secretions are paramount and this powder performs superbly. This powder is a necessity In any crime scene kit.


Cat no 106L, Gold Metallic “Hi-Fi” Powder,


Copper Metallic “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Print Powder

Completing this dynamic trio of metallic powders, Copper Metallic offers the same high quality and attention to detail in manufacturing that is provided for all of our latent powders. This powder offers good contrast on light and dark surfaces, and it offers the same degree of sensitivity and adherence as the other two metallics in this series.


Cat no 107L, Copper Metallic “Hi-Fi” Powder,


Heavy Black “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Print Powder

When it comes to the weather, drastic conditions require drastic measures. Using regular oxide powders in breezy or windy conditions often results In more powder becoming airborne than is deposited on the surface. Heavy powders are formulated with metallic components that add weight but Take nothing away from efficiency. Add the fact that both metallic and oxide properties are present, Heavy Black does a good job on painted or plater surfaces. For best contrast use Heavy Black on light-colored surfaces.


Cat no HLP01, Heavy Black “Hi-Fi” Powder,


Heavy Gray “Hi-Fi” Volcano Latent Print Powder

Light or dark backgrounds are not a big concern when using Heavy Gray latent powder. It is ideal for conditions when airborne powder is a koncern due to its unique formulation of metallic compounds as well as some oxide qualities. Use this powder on painted or plated surfaces of either light Or dark coloration without fear of damaging fragile latent prints. Heavy Gray will adhere to the smallest amount of latent print residue.


Cat no HLP02, Heavy Gray “Hi-Fi” Powder,


Dual purpose Black “HI-FI” Latent Print Powder

Sirchie pioneered the use of fluorescent latent powders when it introduced these dual-purpose powders. Dual Purpose Black is oxide in nature, and is therefore recommended for use on all oxide surfaces including painted wood or metal and most plastics. This unique formulation also contains a fluorescent compound that provides fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This is especially helpful when working on multi-colored backgrounds.


Cat no DP001, Dual Purpose Black “Hi-Fi” Powder,


Dual purpose White “HI-FI” Latent Print Powder

Dual Purpose White is an oxide powder and it contains a fluorescent substance that permits developed latent prints to be viewed under ultrafiolet light. Viewing and photographing latent prints on multi-colored backgrounds are no longer a problem since a bright fluorescence is produced. Excellent contrast under normal lighting is also available on dark surfaces.


Cat no DP002, Dual Purpose White “Hi-Fi” Powder,



SIRCHIE®’s “HI-FI” silver/black latent print powder is a two-color powder that will contrast with any color surface. This unique formulation will develop Black on light-colored surfaces and silver on dark-colored surfaces. All lifted prints dusted with this powder May be mounted on white backing cards for contrast.


Cat no SB201L, Silver/Black “Hi-Fi” Latent Print Powder,



This powder combines the “STICK” characteristics ofsilver metallic powder and the “SLIP” characteristics of silk gray powders. Use it on all glass, plastic laminates, metallic surfaces, high-gloss enamel Or varnish surfaces, hard rubber, thermoset plastics and blue-steel weapons.


Cat no SG202L, Silver/Gray “Hi-Fi” Latent Print Powder,



This two-color powder offers unique kontrast capabilities with any color surface. It develops bright red on light-colored surfaces and silver on dark-colored surfaces. Use it on metal surfaces such as safes and filing cabinets. This powder also features the unique attributes of both metallic and oxide powders.


Cat no SR301L, Silver/Red “Hi-Fi” Latent Print Powder,



Our “HI-FI” coin box/galvanic powder is specialty formulated to develop latent prints on oily vending machine coin boxes or galvanized surfaces such as window and door flushings, drain pipes, gutters and trash cans. Use this powder in place of older development methods, such as smoking prints with camphor Or magnesium, which are time-consuming, difficult and hazardous.


Cat no CBG203L, Coin Box/Galvanic “Hi-Fi” Latent Print Powder,


Fluorescent Latent Print Powders

About Fluorescent Latent Print Powders

Fluorescent Latent Print Powders may be used on the same surface types as nonfluorescent powders. Fluorescent latent print powders work especially well on dark or multi-colored surfaces—greatly enhancing ridge details when illuminated with an ultraviolet light. Typically, light in the ultrafiolet or blue parts of the spectrum (254nm to 525nm) is used to excite the fluorescence.



Use Fluorescent Latent Print Powders with:

  • Forensic Light Sources: Quartz Halogen and Vapor Arc Discharge
  • Lasers: Argon Ion, Copper Vapor and Nd (Neodymium) Yag Laser
  • Ultraviolet Lights: Longwave and Shortwave
  • BLUEMAXX™: SIRCHIE®’s Alternate Light Source



Cat no LL701, REDescent™Fluorescent Latent Print Powder,

Cat no LL702, PINKescent™ Fluorescent Latent Print Powder,

Cat no LL703, GREENescent™ Fluorescent Latent Print Powder,

Cat no LL704, SILVER/REDescent™ Fluorescent Latent Print Powder,

Cat no LL705, YELLOWescent™ Fluorescent Latent Print Powder,



Fiberglass Latent Print Brushes – pędzle z włókna szklanego (typu Zephyr) zwykłe i z podświetleniem



These are unquestionably the finest brushes available for developing latent fingerprints. Thousands of specially selected fiberglass filaments form a cloud-like, soft cluster that retains powder and eliminates the constant powder replenishment required by conventional brushes. They are produced on a perfectly balanced, injection-molded handle (122L & 122L1), a Black anodized aluminum handle (122LM & 122L1M), or a Birch wood handle (122LW). The brush is supplied in a protective container with cap. The injection-molded and aluminum-handle brushes are available in two sizes: Standard handles measure 4 1/4” long and Kit Size handles are 2 3/4” long. The reduced handle length makes the kit size brush an exact replacement for conventional brushes found in most fingerprint field kits now in use.


Cat no 122L, Standard Size Fiberglass Brush (Plastic Handle)

Cat no 122L1, Kit Size Fiberglass Brush (Plastic Handle)

Cat no 122LM, Standard Size Fiberglass Brush (Metal Handle)

Cat no 122L1M, Kit Size Fiberglass Brush (Metal Handle)

Cat no 122LW, Standard Size Fiberglass Brush (Wood Handle)


Fiberglass Mini Light Brushes

These Mini Light Brushes feature a high intensity LED—white for the MLB100 and blue for the MBLB100 for those situations requiring the use of fluorescent powders. Both have push button and twist cap ON/OFF activation, light-weight metal body and a full-sized replaceable fiberglass brush head (shown to the left). Overall Length: 8.25" (21cm); Weight w/ batteries: 1.73 oz. (49g).

Latent prints aren't always found in convenient locations. These brushes are particularly useful for dusting in darkened corners, under furniture, insi de motor vehicles, etc. Utilizes 3 AAAA alkaline batteries, incorporates a 30,000- hr. LED and has an exceptionally long-life fiberglass brush head.


Cat. no MLB100, in use with No.101L Silk Black Latent Print Powder. MBLB100, in use with No. LL701 REDescent™ Fluorescent Powder.

Cat no MLB100, Fiberglass Mini Light Brush (White LED)

Cat no MBLB100, Fiberglass Mini Blue Light Brush (Blue LED)


Fiberglass Mini Light Brush Kits

For added convenience, we combined the lighted brushes with their most useful accessories in a kit format. The MLB100K contains a replacement brush head, two latent print powders, transparent lifting tape, backing sheets, and latex gloves. The MBLB100K contains a replacement brush head, two fluorescent print powders, orange barrier filter goggles, and latex gloves.


Cat no MLB100K, Fiberglass Mini Light Brush Kit

Cat no MBLB100K, Fiberglass Mini Blue Light Brush Kit



Retractable & Sweeper Fiberglass Brushes – pędzle daktyloskopijne z włókna szklanego chowane w korpusie i płaskie szerokości 10 cm



This is an excellent brush that features a fiberglass cluster cloud. Thecloud size may be controlled and incrementally adjusted. Simply move the retracting shroud to adjust the flair. The shroud protects the fiberglass luster and ensures unequalled protection from foreign particle contamination, moisture and rough usage.


Cat no RFF200, Retractable Fiberglass Brush



This brush in an excellent choice for processing automobiles, doors, windows, desktops and other large surface areas. It features the same high-quality fiberglass filament brush surface as SIRCHIE®’s Rother fiberglass brushes. The brush’s precision-machined handle makes it very balanced and comfortable to hold. Plastic storage container is supplied.

Large area processing, 4” wide sweep.


Cat no FGB100, Fiberglass Sweeper Brush


SEARCH Marabou Feather Dusters – pędzle daktyloskopijne z puchu marabuta



Tens of thousands of our standard Marabou Feather Dusters are In use by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Ideally suited for primary and secondary latent print development with any type of powder. Each brush comes with a transparent tube and cap for storage. Available in four colors — black, white, red and green.


Cat no 123LB, Marabou Feather Duster, black

Cat no 123LW,, Marabou Feather Duster, white

Cat no 123LR Marabou Feather Duster, red

Cat no 123LG, Marabou Feather Duster, Green



Our newest addition to our marabou feather duster family, this brush hast hree times the volume of richly, luxurious Marabou down. Superb for use as a primary or secondary applicator of all latent print powders. Especially suited for large area applications. Each brush comes with an individual transparent tube and cap for storage when not in use. Available in black , white and red, white, and blue.


Cat no 123LRWB, Whopping Marabou Feather Duster, red, white & blue

Cat no 123LWW, Whopping Marabou Feather Duster, white

Cat no 123LBW, Whopping Marabou Feather Duster, Black



The smallest of our Marabou Feather Dusters features super soft red, white and blue feathers. Ideally suited for risk-free enhancement of previously developed latent prints. Sold in packs of three (3) with individual transparent tubes and caps. Each three-pack is supplied with one red, one white and one blue handle.


Cat no 123LP3, PATRIOT 3™ Feather Dusters,



Latent Powder Brushes – pędzle daktyloskopijne z włókien węglowych, sierści wiewiórki, kozy, wielbłada i z włókien z tworzyw sztucznych



Carbon filament latent print brushes feature the very latest in latent print development technology. Carbon fiber brushes are unequalled because carbon fibers are naturally smooth and feature a low friction quality. In addition, carbon fibers are corrosion and moistureresistant— ensuring the finest brush even in extremely high humidity. The finediameter filaments are randomly layered— allowing the user to quickly change powder colors simply by shaking the brush free of initial powder.

The SEARCH Carbosmoove I Brush is the sof test cluster brush available—comprised of tens of thousands of specially selected carbon filaments. The brush features an injection-molded plastic handle with superb balance for complete powder control. Each brush is individually packaged in a plastic tube with cap.


Cat no CFB100, SEARCH Carbosmoove I Brush



The No. 117L is a cluster brush made of white goat hair. The brush features a 3 1/4” (8.3 cm) long molded polystyrene handle with 1 1/2” (3.8cm) cluster length. It is supplied with a protective container and cap to prezent contamination and extend life.


Cat no 117L, SEARCH Goat Hair Powder Brush



The max-spread sweeper brush is made of fine blue squirrel hair with a 4” (10.2cm) wide sweeping area. The brush is excellent for dusting large areas Or cleaning pre-dusted prints. Plastic storage container is provided.


Cat no 124L, Max-Spread Sweeper Brush



This general-purpose brush is made of high-quality camel hair. The fine bristle quality permits development without distortion. Comes with a protective container and cap. Dimensions: 5 1/4” x 3/8” dia. (13.3cm x 1cm dia.).


Cat no 118L, Regular Powder Brush



The max-spread brush is recommended for processing large surfaces. The brush features an easy-grip, molded-plastic handle designed for complete powder control. The brush is supplied with a protective container and cap. The brush dimensions are: 4 1/8” x 3/8” x 1/8” (10.5cm x 1.3cm x 0.3cm).


Cat no 120L, Max-Spread Powder Brush


SEARCH Squirrel Hair BRUSH

The 120LS employs Natural Blue Squirrel Hair for a soft, non-damaging means of developing latent prints. Designed for small area coverage, this exceptional tool fills the need for close-in powder coverage. If you prefer hairtype brushes over fiberglass, then this brush is ideal. The brush dimensions are: Handle length: 4 5/8” (11.75cm), Brush Length: 1 3/4” (4.45cm)


Cat no 120LS, Squirrel Hair Brush



This is the finest, high-quality, long handle latent print brush available. It is produced from selected, high-quality camel hair for latent powder applications only. The fine hair selection eliminates scratching ridge details. The handle is balanced for easy use. The LHB02 brush (pictured left margin) is supplied with a protective container and cap. The brush dimensions are 9” x 1/2” dia. (22.9cm x 1.3cm dia.).


Cat no LHB02, Long Handle Brush



FACII® Powder/Brush Delivery System - pędzle daktyloskopijne z włókna szklanego chowane w korpusie z aplikatorem

The FACII®’s unique self-contained powder and brush delivery system may be carried like a pen or pencil. After use, simply return the brush’s protective sleeve to its original position and place the protective cap on the open end.

Adjust the shroud to the desired brush size. Then, gently squeeze the attache powder reservoir to force a controlled amount of powder into the brush filaments. The brush is now ready to use. After use, close the shroud and store. The FACII®’s housing is constructed of machineknurled Delrin®, and it is properly balanced for user comfort. All of the FACII® components may be ordered, interchanged and cleaned separately—for great er efficiency.


Cat no FAC101, Silk Black FACII® System

Cat no FAC102, Silk Gray FACII® System

Cat no FAC103, Indestructible White FACII® System

Cat no FAC106, Silver/Black FACII® System

Cat no FAC201, Silver/Gray FACII® System

Cat no FAC202, Silver/Red FACII® System

Cat no FAC203, Coin Box/Galvanic FACII® System



The FACII® +2 Latent Print Kit contains the necessary tools to process a crime scene for latent prints with the FACII® Powder/Brush Delivery System. Each kit is supplied with two FACII® brush combinations and a variety of hinge lifters.


Cat no FAC1000, FACII® +2 Latent Print Kit



FACII® System Powder Refills are packaged in one-ounce, molded polyethylene. Choose from seven of our most popular powders.


Cat no FAC1011, Silk Black Replacement Powder

Cat no FAC1021, Silk Gray Replacement Powder

Cat no FAC1031, Indestructible White Replacement Powder

Cat no FAC1061, Silver/Black Replacement Powder

Cat no FAC2011, Silver/Gray Replacement Powder

Cat no FAC2021, Silver/Red Replacement Powder

Cat no FAC2031, Coin Box/Galvanic Replacement Powder



Magnetic Latent Print Powder - magnetyczne proszki daktyloskopijne zwykłe, bichromatyczne i fluorescencyjne



Our most popular powder color in magnetic form is finely milled for outstanding quality enhancement. This easy to use powder can be utilized on a wide variety of non-porous, non-ferrous surfaces.


Cat no M114L, Regular Black Magnetic Latent Powder,



Midnight Black latent powder was developed to offer even great er photographic contrast, and is the darkest black available on the market today. This powder is compounded to offer top quality, exceptional sensitivity and adhesion to the most minute ridge structure.


Cat no M115L, Midnight Black Magnetic Latent Powder,


Indestructible White Magnetic LATENT PRINT POWDER

Latent print processing of dark surfaces requires the use of contrasting powders. Indestructible White features the same finely milled iron particles as our black powders, but a white colorant is added during the ball-milling process. Use this powder only on non-ferrous surfaces.


Cat no M116L, Indestructible White Magnetic Latent Powder,



Gray Magnetic Latent Print Powder offers the flexibility of permitting use on light and dark surfaces. This special formulation performs remarkably well on all non-ferrous surfaces, including paper, cardboard and wood. Its highly sensitive nature evolves from the milling process used when formulating Sirchie®’s complete line of magnetic powders.


Cat no M117L, Gray Magnetic Latent Powder,



Red Magnetic Latent Print Powder offers the best of two worlds: top quality, finely milled iron particles blended with our very popular, super sensitive Brilliant Red (oxide) powder. This powerful combination results in a highly efficient latent powder formulated to provide extremely good sensitivity and especially good adhesion qualities. This product photographs well on light Or dark surfaces.


Cat no M118L, Red Magnetic Latent Powder,



Silver Magnetic Latent Print Powder was formulated for those who preser working with an aluminium colored powder. It is used on both light and dark surfaces offering the flexibility of a combination powder. Silver Magnetic May be used on most non-porous surfaces and when latent prints are thought to be fresh, it performs well on paper, cardboard and raw wood.


Cat no M119L, Silver Magnetic Latent Powder,



This silver/black magnetic latent print powder will kontrast with any color surface. Its unique formulation will develop black on light surfaces and silver on dark surfaces.


Cat no SBM9, Silver/Black Magnetic Latent Powder,



This powder features the fine adherence properties of silver magnetic powder and the excellent “slip” properties of the Gray magnetic powder. It develops gray on light surfaces and silver on dark surfaces.


Cat no SBM12, Silver/Red Magnetic Latent Powder,


Magnuclei™ Magnetic Latent Print Powder

Magnuclei ™ Magnetic Latent Print Powder is the result of years of research and development. SIRCHIE’s regular magnetic powders are already the Best available, but there was a need for a dual purpose powder for finer dusting applications. Magnuclei ™ utilizes powders that have been milled to average particle sizes that are less than half the size of regular magnetic powders. This powder is very effective on glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, and metallic surfa ces — use on paper surfaces without leaving dark backgrounds. It Works well on imitation and genuine leather if developed within a short time of being handled.

Cat no MAG100, Magnuclei™ Magnetic Powder,


DA ZZLE Fluorescent Magnetic Latent Print Powders

SIRCHIE®’s line of Dazzle Fluorescent Magnetic Latent Print Powders offer’s a unique formulation for dusting latent prints. When dealing with confusing or multicolored backgrounds, these fluorescent powders serve a dual purpose. The dark pigment of the Dazzle Powders is easy to discern under natural light. Depending on the Dazzle Powder used, they give off an intense fluorescent color of orange, red or yellow when excited.

They can be applied with virtually all magnetic powder applicators. View dusting area with an ultraviolet, blue or green forensic light source to see results.


Use With:

  • Forensic Light Sources: Quartz Halogen and Vapor Arc Discharge
  • Lasers: Argon Ion, Copper Vapor and Nd (Neodymium) Yag Laser
  • UV Lights: Longwave
  • BLUEMAXX™ Alternate Light Source


Cat. no FMP02, Dazzle Orange Fluorescent Magnetic Latent Powder,

Cat. no FMP03, Dazzle Red Fluorescent Magnetic Latent Powder,

Cat. no FMP04, Dazzle Yellow Fluorescent Magnetic Latent Powder,


Fluorescent Magnetic Latent Print Powders

SIRCHIE’s ball-mill processing produces the finest uniform-textured fluorescent magnetic latent print powders available today! These Fluorescent Magnetic Latent Print Powders feature bright pigments, superior ferrous compounds and an anti-smudge additive to ensure superior results when dusting for latent prints. These powders are especially useful when used on multicolored backgrounds. They can be applied with virtually all magnetic powder applicators. View dusting area with an ultra-violet, blue or green forensic light source to see results. Custom colors are available. Call for details.


Use With:

  • Forensic Light Sources: Quartz Halogen and Vapor Arc Discharge
  • Lasers: Argon Ion, Copper Vapor and Nd (Neodymium) Yag Laser
  • UV Lights: Longwave
  • BLUEMAXX™ Alternate Light Source


Cat. no LL601, REDcharge™ Fluorescent Magnetic Powder,

Cat. no LL602, ORANGEcharge™ Fluorescent Magnetic Powder,

Cat. no LL603, GREENcharge™ Fluorescent Magnetic Powder,

Cat. no LL605, YELLOWcharge™ Fluorescent Magnetic Powder,


FLUOROMAG ™ Magnetic Latent Print Powder

This powder combines the “no contact” advantage of magnetic powder with a highly fluorescent compound for use on multicolored backgrounds.


Cat. no FMP01, Silver/Gray FLUOROMAG™ Latent Print Powder,



Magnetic Powder Applicators – magnetyczne pędzle daktyloskopijne

Use magnetic powders with SIRCHIE®’s magnetic wands to eliminate the risk of latent print ridge destruction. One main advantage is that it is easy to clear surfa ces of excess powder–offering maximum photographic effectiveness. SIRCHIE’s magnetic applicators May be used with any brand of magnetic powder. Use on nonferrous surfaces only.


   125LM, 125L, 125MD, 125MBA, 125GM


Standard Magnetic Powder APPLICATOR

Cat. no 125 LM - Standard Magnetic Powder APPLICATOR, Anodize Aluminium

Cat. no 125 L - Standard Magnetic Powder APPLICATOR, Incektion-Molded



The Standard Magnetic Powder Applicator now has the capacity to hold 25% more powder! The 125L is ideal for precision dusting of small to medium surface areas! Choose from an injection-molded applicator, or anodized aluminum. Features a narrow magnet to fit any size powder container. Use for processing paper, finished and unfinished wood, nonferrous metals, plastic, glass, vinyl, etc.





The SEARCH MegaWand™ now has the capacity to hold 25% more powder. It features an expanded coverage area designed especially for dusting a large surface area. The wand holds approximately three times as much powder as the standard wand and features a machined Delrin® housing with springloaded ejection.


Magnetic Burnishing Applicator

Cat. no 125MBA - Magnetic Burnishing Applicator


This highly magnetic wand is capable of carrying more than three times the powder of standard wands and features an innovative burnishing head to improve the quality of crime scene latent lifts. Like its predecessor, the MEGAWAND™, the 125MBA features a machined Delrin® housing with springloaded ejection. The difference is the built-in burnishing tool. Simply use the burnishing head to force out any air bubbles and wrinkles from the lifting material.





The GigaMag ™ Magnetic Wand Sweeper is the only choice for maximum coverage. This wand holds approximately nine times as much powder as the standard wand. It features a rugged, precision-machined Delrin® housing.



The Magnetic Sweeper Wand features a very wide sweep area—a minimum of two inches. With a powder capa city of approximately seven times the standard magnetic wand, this wand is ideal for covering large surface areas. The wand’s powder release features a positive-lock pull handle. The unit’s housing is made of precision-machined aluminum. Weight: 5.7 oz. (160g).


Cat. no MSW200, Magnetic Sweeper Wand


SEARCH Regular Magnetic Latent Print Kit

This is the most popular, compact, magnetic latent print kit available. Use this kit to process a crime scene with magnetic powder and magnetic applicators. The 159L Kit is excellent for developing latent prints on paper, cardboard, finished and unfinished wood, glass, vinyls and on Any nonferrous material. Complete instructions are included.


Cat. no 159L, SEARCH Regular Magnetic Latent Print Kit


Wyposażenie zestawu cat no 159L:

1- M114L, Black Magnetic Latent Powder, 1 oz. (30ml)

1- M116L, White Magnetic Powder, 1 oz. (30ml)

1- M117L, Gray Magnetic Powder, 1 oz. (30ml)

1- SBM9, Silver/Black Magnetic Latent Powder, 1 oz. (30ml)

1- 125L, Standard Magnetic Applicator

1- KC100, Molded Plastic Carrying Case with Component Inserts