Chemiczne metody ujawniania

Cyanoacrylate Fuming – ujawnianie klejami cyjanoakrylowymi



This economically sized container (20g) is ideal for departments that do not need a large quantity of cyanoacrylate. The container is supplied with a drop-dispensing cap that is resealable to ensure the integrity of the cyanoacrylate solution while in storage.



SIRCHIE®’s 16 oz. bottle of Omega-Print™ is designer for departments that process a large number of latent prints with cyanoacrylate. Omega-Print™ is supplied with four applicator bottlers to maintain the integrity of the bulk container and to permit drop application to dispersal pads and disposable fuming trays. Omega- Print™ is the leading choice of many law enforcement agencies throughout the world.


CNA103 CNA102


Cat. no CNA102, OMEGA-PRINT™ Cyanoacrylate Fuming Compound, 20g

Cat. no CNA103, OMEGA-PRINT™ w/4 applicator bottles, 16 oz. (454g)



Use these dispersal pads with any cyanoacrylate liquid fuming compounds. They are not treated with sodium hydroxide and do not create highly toxic fumes. Pads packaged in quantities of 100.


Cat. no CNA104, OMEGA-PRINT™ Dispersal Pads, 100 ea.



Use the disposable fuming tray with or without dispersal pads. Trays are made of aluminum. They are designed for fuming with cyanoacrylate liquid fuming compounds. Trays are packaged in quantities of 25 and 100.


Cat. no CNA106, OMEGA-PRINT™ Disposable Fuming Trays,


THE FINDER™ Cyanoacrylate Packets

THE FINDER™ is a unique cyanoacrylate gel formulation packaged in a peelaway aluminum foil package. Place the packet horizontally or vertically in a fuming chamber— without dripping any glue.

How to use THE FINDER™ Fuming Small Objects: Place the item in an appropriate sealable container. Peel open the packet and place it in the container with object being processed. Fuming begins immediately. After development, reseal packet. Additional items May be fumed using the same packet. Fuming Vehicle Interiors: Seal the vehicle from outside air and place three to four packets In different locations inside the car. Warm the vehicle interior by parking the car in sun or Turing on the heat. Next, add humidity with SIRCHIE®’s PUM100A Portable Humidifier. Allow the vehicle interior to fume for 20 minutes to a few hours. After development, reseal packets and ventilate vehicle. Then, photograph developed prints, dust and lift. Rooms or areas that can be closed off should be processed in a similar manner. CNA2000, THE FINDER™ Cyanoacrylate Packets,



Protect your fuming chamber from cyanoacrylate induced film with Cyano - Bloc ™. These pre-treated pads are specially formulated to protect new, unused fuming chambers constructed of polycarbonate material or glass. Simply wipe the pad across all interior surfaces, allow to dry and Apple a second coat. Then wet the supplied dry towel with water and wipe the interior. Extend the life of your fuming chamber and keep evidence visible throughout the fuming process.


Cat. no CNA110, CYANO-BLOC™ individually packaged applicators,


The SEARCH Cyanowand™

The CYANOWAND™ is a self-igniting, butane-powered heat tool. It is nonelectric and is used as a flameless heat tool with variable temperature control. It is an easy-to-use, completely portable, hand-held heat generator which utilizes disposable cartridges using a cyanoacrylate monomer to emit cyanoacrylate vapor for fuming latent prints. The CYANOWAND™ is designed for use at outdoor crime scenes, processing stolen vehicles, in wellventilated indoor areas and with fuming chambers.





STANDARD CARTRIDGES—are pre-loaded with cyanoacrylate. They emit a controlled cyanoacrylate vapor for approximately two minutes.

Mega-Cartridges—are extra-large, disposable, pre-loaded cyanoacrylate cartridges which emit vapor for approximately four minutes.

Hulk Cartridges—will typically fume continuously for more than one hor or for ten 5-minute “burn” cycles.


SCW200, SCW300, SCW400


Cat. no SCW200, Standard Cartridges

Cat. no SCW300, Mega-Cartridges

Cat. no SCW4001, Hulk Cartridge



This butane fuel is available in a 1.3 oz. can and a 5.82 oz. can with nozzles for direct refilling of the CYANOWAND™.


Cat. no SCW103, CYANOWAND™ Butane Fuel Can, 1.3 oz. (42g)

Cat. no SCW1035, CYANOWAND™ Butane Fuel Can, 5.82 oz. (165g)


The CYANO-SHOT™ Latent Print Developing System

The Cyano -Shot ™ is one of the hottest products to come along in the world of latent print development. Utilizing the developmental properties of cyanoacrylate, this amazing product creates an abundant amount of heat, chich decreases fuming time while providing quality ridge detail. The Cyano -Shot ™ is ideal for use with any of SIRCHIE®’s fuming chambers, especially the FR175FG Shake-N-Fume™ disposable fuming chamber.


Cat. no CNA3006, CYANO-SHOT™, 6 pack

Cat. no CNA3012, CYANO-SHOT™, 12 pack

Cat. no CNA3024, CYANO-SHOT™, 24 pack

Cat. no CNA3072, CYANO-SHOT™, 72 pack



Ultra Cyano -Shot ™ features the same latent print development properties as our regular Cyano - Shot ™, but fuming time lasts up to 20 minutes. This extra time Allowi you to develop latent prints in larger enclosed areas.





Accelerate the development of cyanoacrylate by using this fuming hot plate. Simply place the hot plate into your fuming chamber and add 5-10 drops of Omega-Print™ liquid in one of our disposable, aluminum fuming trays (CNA106). Prints develop in minutes—not hours. 110V AC operation.


Cat. no FHP100, Fuming Hot Plate



After Cyanoacrylate Fuming Staining Agents – barwniki fluorescencyjne cyjanoakrylanów



Basic Yellow is a fluorescing dye excellent for enhancing cyanoacrylate developed latent prints on multi-colored surfaces. Basic Yellow fluoresces brilliantly with ultraviolet or BLUEMAXX™ illumination.


Cat. no LV507, Basic Yellow, 25g


Red 28

This fluorescing dye is used to stain cyanoacrylate developed latent prints. It can be used alone or mixed with Basic Yellow to provide a wider range of fluorescence.

Cat. no LV511, Red 28, 25g



Rhodamine 6G is one of the most widely used dyes for enhancing latent prints developed with cyanoacrylate. Technical information, formulas and procedures are included.


Cat. no LV505, Rhodamine 6G, 25g



Basic Yellow After-Fuming Fluorescent Dye Spray is used to enhance latent fingerprints that have been developed with cyanoacrylate on non-fluorescent, multicolored surfaces. Enhanced latent prints fluoresce bright yellow/green. Basic Yellow is supplied in a 500ml bottle with a spray head for convenient application. Use SIRCHIE®’s BLUEMAXX™ or other alternate light sources for viewing results.


Cat. no LVS500, Basic Yellow Spray, 500ml



This fluorescent spray is designed for enhancing latent prints that have been developed with cyanoacrylate. Ardrox saturates the latent print surface and remains in the smallest openings—providing excellent ridge details.

Prints treated with ardrox fluoresce yellow/green. Ardrox is supplied in a 500ml bottle with a spray head for convenient application. Use SIRCHIE’s BLUEMAXX™ or other alternate light sources for viewing results.


Cat. no LVS600, Ardrox Dye Spray, 500ml



This fluorescent liquid dye readily penetrates and remains in minute crevices of cyanoacrylate-developed prints for exceptional resolution. Being highly fluorescent when exposed to longwave excitation in the 365nm range, it is very desirable for use as a cyanoacrylate ester polymerized print enhancer. A sheet with working solution recommendations and procedures is included. Use the BLUEMAXX™ or any ultraviolet light source for exposure.


Cat. no LVS700, Ardrox Dye Concentrate, 946ml


RAM After Fuming Fluorescent Dye Stain

Ram RAM dye stain is a fluorescent mixture of Rhodamine, Ardrox, and MBD. Use RAM with a forensic light source after processing with cyanoacrylate. Particularly useful in the enhancement of CA developed prints on plastic bags. RAM enhanced latent prints are visualized between 415 nm and 530 nm, making it ideal for use with a wide variety of forensic lights sources.


Cat. no LVS650, RAM After Fuming Fluorescent Dye Stain, 500 ml


RAY After Fuming Fluorescent Dye Stain

RAY dye stain is a mixture of Basic Red, Ardrox, and Basic Yellow that provides a wide range of fluorescence with cyanoacrylate developed prints. Visualize with a forensic light source between 365 nm and 550 nm, making it ideal for use with a wide variety of forensic light sources.


Cat. no LVS660, RAY After Fuming Fluorescent Dye Stain, 500 ml



Small Particle Reagent – ujawnianie SPR (białym, UV i ciemnym)


Small Particle Reagent (SPR) is quick, inexpensive and effective on fresk fingerprints.

SPR is composed of finely Grodnu particles suspended in a detergent solution. These particles adhere to the fatty constituents of latent fingerprints to form a visible deposit. Latent prints developed using this method may be lifted using standard lifting mediums.


When Conventional Powder Methods Won’t Work:
Use SEARCH sPR on oily windows, oxidized metals, galvanized surfaces, and salt-sprayed surfaces (sea water areas). Select SPR100 for light-colored surfaces, SPR200 for dark-colored surfaces and SPR400UV for multicolored surfaces. sPR is supplied in three 500ml containers and each bottle is furnished with a Dispenser Spray Head.


SPR100, SPR200, SPR400UV


Cat. no SPR100, Dark SPR w/spray head, 500ml,

Cat. no SPR200, White SPR w/spray head, 500ml,

Cat. no SPR400UV, Fluorescent SPR w/spray head, 500ml,



Adhesive Side Latent Print Development – ujawnianie śladów na taśmach klejących


Adhesive Side Powder

Adhesive side powders are excellent for developing latent prints on the adhesive side of tapes and labels, including duct tape, masking tape, plastic surgical tape, double-sided foam tape, clear plastic tape, reinforced package tape, adhesive bandages, packing labels, and other light-colored adhesive surfaces. Select black or white powder for surface contrast. Simple application when used with SIRCHIE®’s EZFLO solution.


ASP50D, ASP52, TRA20


Cat. no ASP50D, Dark Adhesive Side Powder, 50g

Cat. no ASP50L, Light Adhesive Side Powder, 50g

Cat. no ASP51, EZFLO Solution, 6 oz. (177ml)

Cat. no ASP52, EZFLO Solution, 16 oz. (473ml)

Cat. no TRA20, Tape Release Agent, 1 oz. (29ml)


Adhesive-Side Developers

For developing latent prints on the adhesive side of tape, ASD7D and ASD7L are pre-mixed, trick liquids that are applied to the surface with the dauber applicator. Can be used to develop prints from masking, duct, clear, cellophane, brown packaging and nylon reinforced strapping tapes.




Cat. no ASD7D, Dark Adhesive Side Developer, 7 oz., (210ml)

Cat. no ASD7L, Light Adhesive Side Developer, 7 oz. (210ml)


Un-Stik™ Adhesive Remover

This product removes adhesive tapes, labels and stamps without ruining the object it’s adhered to, allowing you to process the adhesive side for latent prints. Safe on most surfaces except suede/leather.


Cat. no UNSTK100, Un-Stik™, 4 oz. (118ml)



Iodine Fuming Products – ujawnianie śladów metodą jodową


The FUMETTE Disposable Iodine Fuming Gun

The FUMETTE Disposable Iodine Fuming Gun is great for processing a crime scene for latent fingerprints through the use of iodine fuming. The FUMETTE is compact and very effective for fuming walls and woodwork with iodine vapor for latent prints. The FUMETTE’s design permits fuming both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The FUMETTE is also excellent for fuming small objects with iodine vapor because it gives the user total control of the fuming operation. When the fuming process is complete, simply recap and dispose of the whole assembly.


Cat. no DF2016, FUMETTE Disposable Iodine Fuming Gun, 6 ea.



Iodine print enhancer package consists of six crushable glass ampoules filled with reagent (1.0 ml). The ampoules are housed in plastic applicator tubes. Crush the ampoule, remove the applicator tube cap and apply the reagent to the iodine-developed print. These print enhancers offer an unlimited storage life and are completely disposable. Enhancers contain benzoflavone. They are clean, convenient and easy-to-use.


Cat. no DCA16, SEARCH Iodine Print Enhancers, 6 ea.



Use these ampoules to process fresk latent prints (up to 48 hours) on paper, currency, tissue and most other porous and non-porous surfa ces other than metals. Designed primarily for quick processing In the field or lab utilizing plastic or polyethylene bags. Iodettes have an unlimited shelf life, and they’re clean and convenient to use. Iodettes are packaged In 3g glass ampoules. Six ampoules per jar.


Cat. no AMP2066, IODETTE Ampoules, 6 ea.



Iodine crystals are packaged and sealed in glass ampoules. They are absolutely safe for storage in kits—no vapor loss is possible. Plus, they’re very convenient and clean. To open, simply break at the pre-scored neck and empty. They may be used with any type of fuming apparatus. Each ampule contains 3g of iodine crystals.

Six ampoules per jar.


Cat. no A211C, SEARCH Iodine Crystal Ampoules, 6 ea.


IO-FUME™ Instant Vaporizer

The IO-FUME™ is another in a long line of products developer for the criminal investigator by SIRCHIE®. Utilizing the developmental properties of iodine, the IO-FUME™ eliminatek the need for the investigator to create heat. Latent prints will develop quicker and easier than ever before with IO-FUME™. This product is perfectly suited for use with any of SIRCHIE’s fuming chambers, especially the FR175FG Shake-N-Fume™ disposable fuming chamber.


STEP 1: Empty iodine crystals onto the metal top of activator canister.

STEP 2: Place the activator canister (hole side down) into the jar containing the activator solution.

STEP 3: Results!


Cat. no LPF1006, IO-FUME™ Instant Vaporizer, 6 pack


ElectroFume™ Iodine Fumer

The FUM250 ElectroFume™ Iodine Fumer Kit has a dual purpose. It provides a significant element of safety when fuming iodine prints by putting the technician some distance awal from iodine fumes. It also provides a quick, efficient means of developing latent prints on porous surfaces such as paper, cardboard, raw wood, etc.

The FUM250 features a high-volume, battery-operated air pump. This light-weight, hand-held unit weighs a mere 14.1 oz. (400g) with batteries and is supplied with both Fumette Disposable Iodine Fuming Guns and Iodine Print Enhancers. All of which are conveniently contained in a rugged ABS carrying case.


Cat. no FUM250, ElectroFume™Iodine Fumer



Ninhydrin Products – ujawnianie śladów ninhydryną, DFO (1,8-Diazafluoren-9-One), 1,2 Ind (1,2-Indanedione) i HFE7100



This is the most widely used formulation of ninhydrin in the world. It Has developed prints over two-years old in actual cases and 50-year-old prints In experimental cases. Ninhydrin is packaged in an aerosol can for increased shelf life and convenient field or laboratory use. Available in 6 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.



This is a custom formulation of ninhydrin in an acetone solution. It is used and recommended by leading experts in the latent print processing field for increased sensitivity. Ninhydrin with acetone is designed for use on porous surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, and raw wood (not for use on materials printed with soluble inks or paints). Available in a 16 oz. aerosol only.


201C, 202C


Cat. no 201C, Ninhydrin Aerosol Spray, 16 oz. (473ml)

Cat. no 202C, Ninhydrin Aerosol Spray, 6 oz. (177ml)

Cat. no 201ACE, Ninhydrin Aerosol Spray w/Acetone, 16 oz. (473ml)



SIRCHIE®’s Special Formula Ninhydrin Spray is ideal for developing latent prints on paper because it virtually eliminates ink from running. Use it on currency, envelopes, magazines, books and other printed documents.

Contains 3M™ NOVEC™ engineered fluid HFE7100.



NinhydrinHT is specially formulated for recovering latent prints on carbonless and heat-transfer (thermal) papers. This formulation is completely free of staining reagents (paper won’t turn purple or black), will not cause inks to run, and is non-flammable. But that’s not all; it has been successfully tested on standard papers as well. NOTE: Applying heat or any sort of fixative to treated documents is not recommended as it will darken the document.



Ninhydrin Crystals are available in 25-gram, 100-gram, and 500-gram jars for agencies that prefer to mix their own unique formulations.



To prevent fading, use SIRCHIE’s Ninhydrin Fixative to preserve ninhydrin developed latent prints after they’ve been photographed. In some cases, the fixative enhances and tints developed prints as well.


NRP01 NHT609 NSI609 NFS200


Cat. no NRP01A, Ninhydrin Crystals, 25g jar

Cat. no NRP02B, Ninhydrin Crystals, 100g jar

Cat. no NRP03C, Ninhydrin Crystals, 500g jar

Cat. no NSI609, Special Formula Ninhydrin Pump Spray, 8 oz. (240ml)

Cat. no NSI609G, Special Formula Ninhydrin, 128 oz., (3.75L)

Cat. no NFS200, Ninhydrin Fixative Pump Spray, 8 oz. (240ml)


DFO (1,8-Diazafluoren-9-One)

DFO is a ninhydrin analog used for developing latent prints on Poros surfaces. Its fluorochrome properties make it especially useful on multicolored surfaces where the background would interfere with subsequent photography. DFO reacts with the amino acid content of fingerprint residue, and it will not interfere with subsequent analysis using ninhydrin, silver nitra te or physical developer. In fact, some labs report that DFO use improves the results gained with ninhydrin.

According to the “Manual of Fingerprint Development Techniques” Publisher by the Police Scientific Development Branch of the British Home Office, DFO will develop more fingerprints than ninhydrin. Other testing indicates that DFO is also effective for developing latent blood prints. On occasion, DFO will produce lightly colored (pink) latent prints, but its Real strength is in its fluorescent properties. DFO fluorescence may be produced using ultraviolet light, BLUEMAXX™ and other alternative light sources. DFO is now available in a pump spray which contains 100ml of pre-mixed reagent for better control and less waste. DFO in powder form is available for those labs preparing their own formulations.


DFS200P LV5001 LV500


Cat. no DFS200P, DFO Pump Spray, 100ml

Cat. no LV500, DFO Powder, 1g

Cat. no LV5001, DFO Powder, 5g

Cat. no LV500L, DFO Powder, 50g



3M™ Novec ™ Engineered Fluid HFE7100 is the latest evolution in the world of fingerprint development on porous surfaces. Created as a carrier solvent for Ninhydrin and DFO formulations, HFE7100 was designed to replace the ozone depleting carrier solvent CFC-113. The main advantage of using the 3M™ Novec ™ HFE7100 fluid in Ninhydrin and DFO formulations is its safety to the ozone and the operator.

Extensively tested by the Oregon State Police, the Police Scientific Development Branch of the United Kingdom, and Institut de Recherche Criminelle de la Gendarmerie Nationale of France, the HFE7100 fluid proved to be the ideal carrier for Ninhydrin and DFO formulations.


Cat. no NS7100, 3M™ NOVEC™ HFE7100 Fluid, 1 gal. (3.78L)

Cat. no NS7100X, 3M™ NOVEC™ HFE7100 Fluid, 10 liters



1,2-Indanedione is the result of the search for a low cost substitutefor DFO. Like DFO and ninhydrin, LV508 reacts to amino acid residues on porous surfaces, but it rarely produces visible prints.

Developed prints do produce strong fluorescence when expose to BLUEMAXX™ or comparable alternate light source illumination. Once mixed using the factory-supplied formulation, the substance has limited shelf life. 1,2-Indanedione is not recommended for use on poor quality papers such as newsprint, cardboard and recycled writing papers.


Cat. no LV508, 1,2-Indanedione, 1 gram

Cat. no LV5081, 1,2-Indanedione, 10 gram



Mix your own ninhydrin, 1,2-Indanedione, DFO, basic yellow, etc. Pour it into the 6 oz. jar, screw on the power unit and begin spraying. Each power unit sprays up to 16 oz. of liquid. No cords, batteries or hoses to get in the way. No CFC’s— it’s safe for the environment. Fast application and quick clean-up!

Cat. no SPU6, Spray Power Unit w/6 oz. (177ml) Jar and Lid

Cat. no SPU1, Spray Power Unit only

Cat. no SPUJ, Replacement 6 oz.(177ml) Jar w/Screw Cap



SEARCH Silver Nitrate – ujawnianie azotanem srebra



This is a general purpose methanolic silver nitrate solution. A convenient spray head permits application in the field or laboratory. The surface being treated should be sprayed lightly and evenly. After treatment, the article should be permitted to dry completely, preferably in the dark (approximately 2 minutes). After drying, illuminate the treated surface with high-intensity light (sunlight) or SIRCHIE®’s SNA4 Silver Nitrate Accelerator Lamp. Fingerprints will appear as dark grayish-brown images and should be photographed before the article background develops.



Silver Latent Print Spray is an exceptional formula for developing latent prints on porous surfaces. This is a chloride-sensitive, non-aqueous solution that is particularly useful when processing documents or objects printed with water soluble inks or dyes (most inks will not dilute when treated with this solvent). The processing and development procedures are the same as stated for Silver Nitrate Spray. Use the Silver Nitrate Accelerator Lamp for developing prints rapidly.



SIRCHIE’s Silver Nitrate Crystals are hermetically sealed in glass ampoules for unlimited shelf life. They are packaged in amber containers for protection against light. Six 2.2g ampoules are supplied in each container.


205C SLPS300 SN208


Cat. no 205C, SEARCH Silver Nitrate Spray, 8 oz. (240ml)

Cat. no SLPS300, Silver Latent Print Spray, 8 oz. (240ml)

Cat. no SN208, Silver Nitrate Crystal Ampoules, 6 ea.



SIRCHIE’s Silver Nitrate Accelerator Lamp rapidly develops latent prints treated with Silver Nitrate. The unit is battery operated (4-AA Alkaline) and is ideal for use in the field or laboratory. Batteries not included.


Cat. no SNA4, SEARCH Silver Nitrate Accelerator Lamp



Physical Developer, Dye Stains & Warning Labels – ujawnianie śladów wywoływaczem fizycznym, czernią sudanową, czernią amidową, czerwienią węgierską, fioletem krystalicznym i innymi



Physical developer is a silver-based aqueous reagent that reacts with the components of sebaceous sweat in latent fingerprints to form a silver-gray deposit. Physical Developer is superior in sensitivity to many silver nitrate products presently in use. It can be used to develop latent prints on paper and other porous materials. Normally, Physical Developer is used on latent prints after they’ve been treated with ninhydrin. Just mix the solutions and immersje documents in the mixture. Rinse and wait for prints to develop. A technical information sheet and procedure recommendations are included with each set, which includes A and B solutions.


Cat. no LPD100, Physical Developer Set, 1 liter

Cat. no LPD101, Physical Developer Set, 3.8 liter



Sudan Black is a dye that stains the fatty components of sebaceous secretions to produce a blue-black image. While it is less sensitive than some Rother latent print development techniques, it is particularly useful on surfa ces contaminated with greasy or sticky substances. Use on nonporous surfa ces such as glass, metal or plastic materials and waxy surfaces such as candles Or wax-paper milk cartons. It is easy-to-use, inexpensive, nontoxic, and has an indefinite shelf life.



Cat. no LV504, Sudan Black, 30g



Crystal Violet is a dye that will transfer visible color to the fatty components of sebaceous sweat residue in latent prints, producing a highly concentrated, intense, purple image. It is very effective in the development of latent prints on items having a glutinous or sticky adhesive quality, including tape and protective films with adhesive coatings. Crystal Violet is also effective on grease- and oil-contaminated surfaces. Instructions are included.


LV502, LV5021


Cat. no LV502, Crystal Violet, 25g

Cat. no LV5021, Crystal Violet, 100g


Oil Red O Developer

Oil Red O was recently introduced in crime laboratories as a method for developing latent prints on porous surfaces that had been wet. This dry powder will need to be mixed prior to use. Formulations provided.


 Cat. no LV510, Oil Red O, 25g


Amido Black

Enhances latent prints contaminated with blond on porous and non-porous surfaces with a blue-black stain, but will not develop a normal perspiration-based print. Gather physiological samples and conduct All fingerprint development methods prior to use. Sensitive to proteins found in blond and some other body fluids.


LV501, LV5011


Cat. no LV501, Amido Black, 25g

Cat. no LV5011, Amido Black, 100g

Cat. no LV501L, Amido Black Spray, 8 oz. Bottle


Hungarian Red

This is an aqueous solution for staining impressions found in blood. Much safer than other staining compounds due to its water-based formula. Lifted traces and weak traces on dark or confusing backgrounds fluoresce under a green alternate light source (520-560nm). Use on porous and non-porous surfac


Cat. no LV503, Hungarian Red, 100ml

Cat. no LV5031, Hungarian Red, 500ml